Monday, May 22, 2006

Kind of between projects. I have about 4 things on the needles right now and am not really invested in any of 'em. Ever have that happen? So many things I WANT to knit, but I'm not motivated to think them through.

Maybe I've gotten so deep in the stash, I just don't have any A list yarn left.

Or maybe I am so sick and tired of Debbie Bliss DK that I need a break.

Or maybe I just need a bit o inspiration....

Last night at Knitsmiths, I actually decided I didn't like the way my socks were turning out and frogged them right off their magic loop. I had Alison on one shoulder saying "do it" and Colleen on the other shoulder saying "no - save it!" In the end, Alison won. Probably because I wasn't in love with the finished product anyways and the yarn deserves better. Something that will show off it's peachy pinky goodness.

So looking for the above mentioned inspiration, I went off to Wild and Woolly for some Cascade 220. Last summer, some of you might remember I spent a few months knitting for my hubby. Didn't go so well. This summer we'll give it another go. I'm doing the Cambridge Cardigan from the latest IK. With an actual pattern and the suggested yarn (yep, that's ME, using the SUGGESTED yarn this time - at the low low low price of $42, how could I not? How much do we love Cascade 220???)

I'll probably not follow the pattern in some way shape or form - he's already requested I lower the vampire-like collar visible in the photo - but for now - here's my lovely heathered Cascade 220 - a deep tealy lightish blue with flecks of color in it. And hey, that's a sucky shot of it.

He's in Wisconsin right now on business, so I'm starting something else while we await yarn approval. Another little girl tank top in leftover cotton DK.... something small enough to finish tonight watching TV and drinking my wine.

So bye for a bit - will post again when I return from the UK.
Not sure what I'll be bringing to knit - guess it will be a surprise to both of us.....

And have fun, you guys who are off to the fiber fest - pat some yarn for me!


Reese said...

fiber fest? where??