Sunday, May 14, 2006

But if you're given a ton of rain, why not knit some fishies?

This is the first of a pair of hats for some fraternal twin babies coming soon. The other one will be shades of purple and orange (for the little girl). The pattern is from my LYS - The Knitting Room in East Arlington. They were doing a class with the pattern and although I didn't want to do a class, I had to make the hat!

It's my first ever try at colorwork - I was always intimidated to try it. Ha. Way easy. Like cables, it's another knitter's secret - looks impressive, not so hard. I was hoping to learn by the end of the summer - so what will I try now? Am feeling pretty cocky as I cast on for hat #2....

Which is good because I have 12 babies coming by the fall and gotta get cracking on a whole bunch more baby gifts soon. Can you believe 12 babies??!! By the 10th baby, I'll just be buying them books.

Missed Knitsmiths today - sorry ladies. Had a sick young'un - and especially on Mother's Day, had to be a good Mom and stay home. My husband and I agree that throwing up requires an extra parent.

Given the weather, not driving over might actually have been a good thing anyways. I'm only knitting fishies, don't need to swim as well.

But I will look for Alison's update in a few days and see what cool projects I missed!

In other knitting news, Green Gable #2 is finished and has been worn in public a couple of times already. I love it. But, I haven't taken a photo yet. Will do so next time.

Have begun a way cool lacy Noro Kureyon scarf for a friend - I couldn't get a shot that showed the colors off, so I'll post that later on too.

So, Craig brought sleeping Zoe up to bed and we're going to shoot for a little puke free TV....bye.


colleen said...

Yeah, we were wondering where you were. Sorry to read about a sick kiddo.

Terrific hat!! Bring it next week, 'kay?

jessie said...

Cute hat! Next you could do submarines, then arks, then state of emergency warnings.

By then it should be sunny out.

Reese said...

holy crap that hat is cute!! i think there's a virus going around. one of my colleagues woke up to a sick (pucking) family this morning! hope you don't get it.

can't wait to see the lacey noro kureyon scarf. i love that stuff.

Norah said...

We missed you at Knitsmiths this week--hope she's feeling better by today.

That hat is cute as can be--nice job!

Anonymous said...

TOTALLY adorable. and so very appropriate.