Monday, June 12, 2006

Apparently I am going through the stash with small gifts for my buddies.

Jen liked her hat, and since really nothing could really kill the look she had going,
she decided to wear it.

For my other buddy, Lisa, I used up the remainder of my brown and purple manos - of cardigan with flower button fame. I loved that yarn, but after a loong looong time, I am glad to see the rest of it gone. And hey, using up more of the stash right?

So we won't talk now about the NEW yarn I got from Amber. Lets just say there's alot more going IN the stash than the one, two, three skeins gone OUT. But oooh. Apple greens and hand dyed violets and... And I'll leave that for another day.

On the magic loop front, here is one Grandma sock done, one in the works. We are calling this colorway Grandmaflage since we believe that the socks will be absolutely invisible to the naked eye if they stand very still in her condo. They perfectly match her pink chairs, blue sofa and cream walls. Not to mention all the other color coordinated tchockes and stuff.

She'll love 'em.
I just hope she doesn't drop them in the living room. She may never see them again.


shireen said...

you're knitting way too much. i'm beginning to worry for your children. :)

Amber said...

Grandmaflage. I LOVE it. You need to patent that or something.

Miss Tonia said...

I love the Grandmaflage! That is such a hoot. I used the same colorway, I'll start calling mine Grandmaflage.

Reese said...

omg grandmaflage. i should introduce that at work as a new colour for the project i'm working on. "blends in with grandmas. low observable! visually un-detectable!" that'd be awesome.