Friday, June 09, 2006

I'm feeling like the master of intarsia!
Jen wanted a brown hat with purple dots.
I had the yarn. I took out the graph paper, drew a design of x's, figured out some simple math and not 24 hours later, ta da!

Now Maya wants a unicorn. Shouldn't get so cocky, should I? I may have to deliver on that someday. Her alternate idea is Pegasus. yeah. That'll happen too.

And WOW, what scary bags I have under my eyes from THIS angle.... remember the Sex And The City where Carrie poses for the magazine article she thinks is about hot singles in the city?
Anyone else seeing the resemblance?


Reese said...

wow that looks great! i really need to learn intarsia. the single colour or variegated yarn thing just isn't doing it for me anymore.