Monday, June 19, 2006

But not much. It's really hard to think about knitting when summer comes. I just don't want to sit still. But I managed to for a few minutes while Zoe was napping and finished the two front halves of Craig's Cambridge Cardigan. The above photo FINALLY does the colors justice. Aren't they great? I love them. Below are the fronts in all their finished glory.

As for other knitting news, Grandmaflage is going slowly. Don't love the feel of the cotton. The heel flap hates me. Or maybe I'm just not concentrating, appreciating, feeeeeling it. Have had to rip it 4 times already. But I do have to face the music soon - am seeing Grandma next week!

And although I can't knit, I can wind some skeins. And I can buy some yarn. Of course.

So below is the amazing green Arcuania Nature Wool I got from Amber. 9 skeins! The perfect Apple Green/Lime Green color I've been wanting. I think my camera doesn't like yarn closeups. They get all fuzzy. It's a shitty camera, a handme down from Mom. But when you're spending all the cash on yarn, who can buy a camera?


shireen said...

LOVE the color of the cardigan.

mf said...

ahhh what a perfect shade!