Saturday, July 01, 2006

The Koigu and Alaska wool from the last post are pending. The DK DEbbie Bliss is gone, and the Dune is gone.

But wait, there's more!!
Swap or Sell, unless you're contacting me from Knitty. Then swap only.

Kool Aid dyed dusty purple worsted. About 500 yds in the darker and 100 (the one ball) a little lighter lavender. Similar to Cascade 220, not as soft. Felts nicely. $15 + shipping.

Gray worsted. Again, similar to Cascade 220, not quite as soft. Big skeins - I'm guessing around 800 yds here. Felts nicely too. $15 + shipping.

Misc feltables - cascade 220 in a dark manly green and a variegated purple heather. Noro bits in matching greens, browns. Heathered Gray. And mustard yellow. Guessing 100 yds ea on the Cascade, a little less on the yellow, and way less on the gray and bits. $10 for 'em. + shipping.

Very soft and thicker pingouin Gray worsted. Would knit on 9s maybe. There are 5 skeins total, the other was in another bag. A mid shade of gray, a little heatherey. $15 + ship

Red kool aid dyed Worsted - from the same batch as the purple. There are a 8 skeins of this, so around 800 yds. Maybe $20 + shipping.

Patons DK in persimmon, Elann Peruvian Highland Wool in a dark rose. 2.5 skeins. $10 + ship

Bad photo. Dive variegated - one skein in greens, one in blues. The colors are more vibrant than this. It's a soft wool, worsted wt. The cone is a deep tealy blue cone of laceweight mohair or alpaca (not sure which). Lots on it, I'll never make a lace shawl, so...... $7 for the Dive both, $10 for the cone + ship

Hot Pink mercerized cotton. 2 full skeins. I wound one. Again, the camera dulled this. It's a vibrant kidlike hot pink. $5 + ship

Would love a sock pattern book..... now that I'm getting some sock yarn! More sock yarn, natural fibers, #2 circs, other bamboo circs or addis, magazines, whatever.
Otherwise, make me an offer.

I put $$ but please feel free to offer a trade instead, I"m flexible and want to get these boxes outta the kitchen! Thanks.

Off to the beach with the girls - maybe I'll work on lace sock #2.
Or maybe i'll just be chasing them around the beach, eyeing my sock on the towel.


Anonymous said...

are you interested in selling to someone in CA? I have some sock yarn we could trade, but I don't know how hard it would be long distance! Please let me know, I am way more into felting and bulky these days over socks- seems a match made in heaven!

knitty_nay at yahoo dot com