Friday, July 14, 2006

Thanks Maya, for taking tennis! .

We have a lovely French girl living with us this month, so I have been privy to the ultimate luxury in Momdom. Waiting for one kid's lessons without another yapping at your heels. Coffee in a cup, a folding chair and these socks for one full hour every morning.

I tried to get her in an extra week next week, but alas, today was our last lesson till August, when I will have the little one back. Yap. Yap.
Then no socks, just coffee.

These are IK's Uptown Boot Socks. I have knit to the pattern so far, but am going my own way on the gusset and foot. The instructions seemed to get uneccesarily complicated at that point, and I didn't feel like translating from DPN to Magic Loop either. Two very different languages....

Apparently, I'll need new boots because I just found my favorite black ones in the basement, where they were spending the winter with our other hibernating footwear - and they are covered in a suspicious blue fur. Eeeeeew. All this rain, I guess. Nothing else in the entire basement is moldy. Just my boots. How much does that suck? Glass half empty.

How about - New Boots this fall to go with my new socks! Glass half full.

Anyways, that's the rear view through to the heel gusset, which I just turned.
Lorna's Laces Buck's Bar colorway. I love this stuff. Good thing too, since I got one more package in swap full o Lorna's! This brings my brand new Lorna's stash to 6 different colorways. I have sock yarn for 9 pairs - woo hooo - must find more new sock patterns. What gorgeous colors - now I know why everyone gets hooked on socks.

My real baby's asleep right now on the living room floor - so back to these babies before she stirs. I can't bring myself to take her out in the heat, so have some down time to blog.

Then she, me, and these socks are off to the beach for some cooling off.

Have swapped a lot, but still have lots o yarns left... anyone? Beuller?
Red wool, lots of novelties, Dive, blue laceweight, gray soft wool, feltables
just go back a few entries and you'll see!


mf said...

They look GREAT! Nice colorway! Nice to have another one hooked on socks!! LOL

colleen said...

I've had leather go moldy like that, too. Perhaps because it's so porous?

Love the socks. Tomorrow?

Anna said...

hehehe. you have come over to the dark side! Sweet!

Monica said...

I had to toss some suede boots this week for the same reason. Ick.

Socks look great!