Wednesday, August 23, 2006

And I'm liking it that way. Spent a few days being non committal - start my sweater? Poncho? Finish Craig's? Another pair of socks? Baby Hat? Seems I can't commit to a project or - apparently - to a single color - these days. I still have Craig's Cambridge Cardigan to seam up, have begun some stuff for fall, but all I want to do is start more stuff. So why not little baby things? After all, the clock's ticking and there are 11 on the way. Two down, a new one added to the list. I think I can squeeze one more baby sweater out of that Debbie Bliss.....

But back to the Interlacements Socks. Before getting around to sock #2, I did a baby one with the leftovers. My sister just had a little boy, so I figure they'll get matching pairs - and this little guy took all of ONE day - in short spurts. Hello, instant gratification. Now I just need to pick up the needles and get to sock #2, but I'm way too distracted.

This top down sweater is the abovementioned distraction. It's from The Garter Belt - the Daisy Cardigan, which I love in the pink alpaca that Marie Grace Smith used, but I had a batch of this Noro Lily sitting around in my stash so we'll see how it goes. Am thinking the picot edging and embroidered flowers can be white so they aren't lost in the colorful background. Yes?

And lastly, even the cocktail making is indecisive around here - does pear and apple go better with rum or gin?

I say gin, Craig says rum. So we had dueling cocktails. I made mine with gin, pear nectar, soda water, and apple juice. Craig used pear, soda water, apple juice and rum.

Notice MINE is all drank up.

Do I really need to say who was the winner??


Reese said...

I "discovered" a really nice cocktail this past weekend. I don't know how you feel about sake, but if you like the taste, you might want to try this.

2/3 sake (i had ozeki extra dry around)
1/3 malibu coconut rum

or you can replace the rum with pineapple rum or any other flavoured rum. surprisingly tasty!

colleen said...

Too bad we can't drink at Knitsmiths....

Suzanne said...

I'm with Craig on this one!