Wednesday, August 16, 2006

For all of you that have been telling me they have been missing from the blog. (Those of you who read and lurk and don't comment in writing but tell me in person, ahem....)

The truth is that threre are still lots of cocktails around here, but they like to disappear more than they like to pose for photos. And once gone, I forget what was in them long before I get to blog again. However, this one was waiting for Craig to come home, so it was bored enough to smile at the camera. Unfortunately I had eaten the orange slice out of it and the ice cubes melted. And truth be told, I ended up drinking it too, but hey - early bird, worm, and all.

We think it's Tired Wife Sangria. Some leftover sauvingnon blanc, some raspberry lime seltzer, a little apple juice and a squirt of lime. A little vodka since the wine was getting kinda diluted. Sliced orange in each glass and ice cubes. Wasn't bad. Then again, tired wives think ANYTHING in a wine glass after 4pm is pretty tasty.

And on the knitting front, more socks! I love this yarn - Interlacements Tiny Toes.

I hope my camera has done the colors justice - it seems to have dulled the yarn down a bit, but the sun is shining behind my screen, so I'm not a good judge. And Zoe has been puking all day so I'm not at my BEST right now... There are lots of shades of maroon and pink, bright orange and khaki dark green. It's awesome in person - and has some cool pooling too.

And... the BIG news is that my nemesis and I have parted ways - that sweater for Craig is finished, fits, and has been folded back up in the drawer! (again, THANK you Johanna!)

He tried it on late at night when he got home so I have no photo - but he assured me it's the same exact length as his favorite Gap sweater - top 1/3 of the fly. Apparently, fly height is my new metric system. Top Third of the Fly is what we shoot for from now on. We'll see how it works on the Cambridge Cardigan. After that, he's looking at some socks while I take a good long Manly Sweater Break.

And have another cocktail.


mf said...

nice sock! Great yarn to knit with! Enjoy the cocktails!

colleen said...

Oooh, thinking that I could use a few of those cocktails these days.

shireen said...

look i'm commenting! i love the colors of those socks. me want some.

Norah said...

And a well-deserved Manly Sweater break it is! Kudos to you for persevering (and to Johanna for her help)--you have a lucky guy!