Wednesday, September 06, 2006

A few finished projects!

First, a cute baby hat on a really creepy baby doll. This was the best shot since you couldn't see the plastic baby face with the vacant eyes. They kind of follow you in a photo. Actually the baby doll is way more creepy on film than in real life. Weird.

Simple pattern adapted from the Yarn Girls Guide to Beyond the Basics. Yarn once again, courtesy of my Mom. Leftover from something she had done in the past. It's soft and I love the colors - perfect for a boy or a gir. I have enough to make one more - an easy thing for my next car ride.

These are socks for my sis and a matching pair for my new nephew Baby James. Check out the funky pooling - only on one sock. I loved this yarn so much - I have a little left over and need a small project - like a change purse or something, i guess. Any other ideas? maybe a headband? I'd really rather not do a change purse, since I'll never use it.

And Zoe's finished sweater - I think she likes it. That's her big big fake smile.

But the flower near her elbow is bugging me. Unfortunately it's all I see when I look at the thing. My fault that it's not centered, but hell has no fury like a Zoe whose flower is going to be taken out and embroidered on in the right spot (yes, Norah, I was even going to try embroidery!)

I had two flowers originally and already took one out and rewove the blue where it had been - that's why the centering issue with only one left. But she was very unhappy about the prospect of both disappearing, and lest she decide it isn't perfect and never wear the sweater....I caved.

like I said, it's a collaboration with a 2 yr old. And, apparently she loves it. She called it her Special Made Sweater. She better wear it soon. It's not too big on her.

Here's a shot of what it might look like if it was flourescent. Yikes.

So back to school tomorrow.
It's been a pretty prolific summer, knitwise. 3 tank tops, 5 hats, 2 scarves, Zoe's sweater, lots of Craig's Cambridge Cardigan, fixing his other sweater, a baby cardigan, lace socks, Uptown Boot socks, the above sock set, and what else? More stuff began, decided against, or not exciting enough and currently forgotten in the attic.

Shit, was anyone actually watching my kids??


Zonda said...

Cute hat! I love the socks, how sweet to have matching ones, and a great way to use up leftovers! The cardigan is really cute too! Nice work there! :)

Jofrog said...

You did an awesome job, and hey, when you have two kids, they watch each other! That and Joe and Blue that is!

How about another baby pair of socks for all of the little babies in your life. A change purse will never get used, you are right. Or just throw them in a leftover drawer for leftover socks in the future.

mf said...

beautiful socks & sweaters!! ;o)

Norah said...

Wow, you've been busy--everything looks great!

colleen said...

Wow--such cute knits. I love the yarn for that baby hat.

Anonymous said...

All the knitting is great but what really amazed me is how big Zoe is getting!