Thursday, September 28, 2006

These last few gorgeous days have meant lots of brainless playground knitting time. So once, I had finished Starsky's sleeves, I needed a new project.

This yarn has been sitting around with Maya's name on it for a while. I think fellow Knitsmith Amber may have dyed it but am not sure. (Look - two links in one sentence!)

It's a soft worsted wool in sherbert colors and it looked great in simple garter stitch, so today at a playdate for Zoe and then the afterschool playground it became a matching set for the not so young one. She's pretty happy about it.

Next up, another set of Dinosaurs for one of the coming babies. And in my more focused hours, more of the Pumpkin Starsky - one front panel almost done - and both sleeves. The banana tree pattern scares me so I am going in the water slowly on this one.

But hey, for those of you in the mood to be impressed, look at the sidebar - it's only taken me a year to post a FO gallery!


Dani said...

So cute! What great colors :) And, um, pumpkin ale.. yeah, I'm addicted too! So yummy. Between that and the hard cider beers, I'm set for fall :)

Amber said...

I didn't dye it, but I DID bring it to a swap ;)

It was from over the rainbow yarns on ebay!

colleen said...

Those are your girls' colors.

Dipsy D. said...

Oh, how absolutely gorgeous this is - I agree with Colleen, these are definitely your girls' colors! Fantastic!