Monday, September 25, 2006

If any of you know me already, you know how excited I am about this. Finally here and I managed to get a few before they disappear from the store. Like Pumpkin Pie in a bottle. MMMMM.

And I have the perfect pumpkin colored yarn too - you might remember this from the Wild and Wooly Sale. 16 skeins of Classic Elite Renaissance. This stuff is soft and light and awesome to knit with. And cheap. And I do love this color - kind of a deep variegated sienna/pumpkin orange. Someone at Knitsmiths described it as "squash colored" yesterday, so pick your fall legume and go with it. I just hope I don't fuck up the banana tree pattern - it takes some down time to concentrate on it.

Stay tuned and watch it turn into Starsky, the cool 70s esque cable wrap from Knitty. Since I have the Ray Bans, maybe I can iron my hair and look like Julie from the Mod Squad. We'll see.

Zoe isn't a fan of orange, so here's her new hat. Leftover blue from the sweater and some leftover variegated from the scary baby hat. Again, she picked it out of the yarn basket, told me she wanted hat with a pom pom and the flowers from her other sweater and handed me some needles. Who's really in charge here?


Jofrog said...

Zoe's hat came out great! You are knitting up Starsky pretty quickly too! Hey, this would be a great opportunity to use those new linking skills, link to the pattern! Just bustin' on you. Forget the linking, go knit.

sue said...

Love your new knit, so nice and a wonderful color too. Zoe makes me laugh just thinking about her choosing her colors. My daughter tells me what color she would like too, and if she likes the pattern or not. So much for being able to dress them the way we want to, hey!

Rain said...

I love the colour of your Starsky. It's going to look stunning.

Zoe is such a cutie in her hat.