Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Now that fall's coming, it's time to get this Cambridge Cardigan finished. It was begun as an apology for mucking up the other sweater I'd knit for my husband last year.

But since Johanna
was kind enough to fix that sweater for him, he's about to be the fortunate recipient of TWO handknit sweaters for the fall.

And she's back, working her magic again with the YKK brochure here. We've picked the perfect zipper to finish up with, and I'm going to get a lesson in zipper-attaching from her too.

Craig owes her big.
As do I.

After a whole summer of knits for everyone else, it's time to think about something for ME. This pile of fat burgundy tweed spaghetti will be such an item. Knit up on 10.5s in Yorkshire Tweed Chunky, a big long woofy cardigan of a yet to be determined design. I've finished the back and an arm so far, so I need to get thinking on the front look I'm going to go for. Am hoping to have it done by the weekend, but we'll see. It's a little big to lug around, so not exactly a playground project. That cuts into my knitting time, so maybe the weekend after next...

And also on the Grownup front, cold weather means less fruity, fizzy cocktails. More red wine. Some Kaluha and Baileys. Cognac and OJ.

I'm jonesing to try some classic recipes like Sidecars, Martinis, Whiskey Sours, Gin Fizzes and whatever else old men in the 50s used to drink when they came home to their dressed, coiffed, and heeled wives (which is NOT me) and meatloaf with gravy (also not us. We get Dino Chicken, fresh outta the freezer) .

We'll see what we come up with. Craig's favorite is what he calls a Ski Slope - hot chocolate and peppermint schnapps. I always called it Hot Chocolate and Schnapps, but hey.

Lastly, my original babycocktails buddy is almost done with her misearable summer of bedrest for the up and coming twins. After a summer like this, I think a few babycocktail drinks will definitely be in order. I'm thinking she'll bend those nursing rules to include a sip or two before long...


Brenda said...

The Cambridge jacket looks great! I am making one for myself in a deep teal. I have never done a zipper on a jacket so I am curious to hear how you do it and how it goes. As for cocktails, my husband and I are quite fond of trying old classic cocktails. I really like Sidecars, The Oriental, and Satan's Whiskers (see Of course, the Ski Slope is good (although I've always called it Hot Chocolate and Schnapps too). A Stinger which is 4 parts brandy to one part peppermint schnapps sounds kind of yucky but really is yummy. Cheers!

shireen said...

i like the look of knitting on your porch. Ah, if only i had a porch.