Tuesday, October 24, 2006

I wanted to say Summer, but that wouldn't really be true. Two finished sweaters - and, for those of you who might read my blog often and could remember, this could also be titled "What I got at The Wild and Wooly Sale". Or, "What I Did While You Were All at Rhinebeck"

Out of this chunky Rowan, a big long sweater of my own (lack of) design. I was afraid to knit a big sweater like this, thought it would be pretty unflattering, but a little shaping at the waist, and not so bad. I decided not to use buttons (or forgot the button holes, however you want to spin it....) , and instead have found a new use for an old pin.

You still can't really see the pin, but you can get a better idea of the yarn color on my arm - and what looks like a little pregnant bump - that's only pumpkin pie and a few weeks of high stress around here. It's not the water at the Booksmith...

The yarn is a deep variegated burgundy. Way warm and comfy. I think it's my new shmata.

And here's Starsky!

As usual, fabulously unflattering photos taken in the wrong light. Craig even took a shot of the rear view, but after checking out my ass in these jeans, that shot isn't going to see the light of day - and these jeans might not see it again either, come to think of it.

I ignored the yarn requirements and went with Classic Elite Renaissance. In the end, I think the yarn sub was fine. Sizewise, it's not a big shapeless sweater, and I think that's OK. It might even stretch out a bit over time. I was way proud of myself for this one - the banana trees and the short rows, both things I have never tried before. And in the end, not so hard!

I decided not to do the belt loops - so I can change the belt location according to what I'm wearing, or maybe not use it at all.

Besides these, I have two more sweaters and some socks about to see the end of the tunnel! Hopefully I'll make it to KS on Sunday and have those to show. Been missing you ladies, it's been a rough few weeks.


Brenda said...

Great Sweaters! I especially like Starsky. The banana trees look great and not just the usual cablely thing! Congratulations on finishing them.

colleen said...

I'm liking Starsky. I'll miss you on Sunday (I'll be in NYC).

shireen said...

hope everything is ok. I too LOVE the starksy sweater - what's the colorway?

Anonymous said...

I guess it's unanimous! Everybody likes Starksy. And the color is fantastic. Very autumnal knitting.

Jofrog said...

Woo hoo, fashion show!