Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I'm up to a bunch of random stuff.

See the little guy in the pocket? He's a pocktepus - I may have posted about them before, but here they are in their natural habitat. One of them is supposed to live in the pocket of the sweater my Mom made for my older daughter years ago. Now the sweater fits Zoe, but the original pocktepus is gone, so I had to create a new one.

I took a pattern I found online - I'm sorry I can't remember who's blog it was from! It was of an egg. I made the egg and picked up stitches around the bottom for a bunch of little I cords. Fun and easy. He barely fits in the pocket, but the sweater is getting a whole new round of love since he's in there so as long as he can jam his tush in, we're happy!

And two more small projects.

A modified Nautilus hat from Marnie MacLean. Now that I can do the pattern, I'm having a little bit of fun with it. I took a skein of Noro Silk Garden and began the Nautilus pattern with the lace, but decided to stop it half way down and go with a solid hat. The stripes and the lace were looking a little busy. A few hours later, one hat. This one is for charity. I'm doing a whole bunch with my stray skeins.

And last, but not least, more Uptown Boot Socks. Out of Dani's Sunshine Yarn.
So soft and pretty. I still have not finished the second foot, but wanted to put the finished guy up for all to see! The colors are so vivid, I could have saved myself a bunch of time and bailed on the cable pattern, huh?

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Three hats from this issue of Knitty. These were fun. I brought the yarn and the pattern with me to Disney and they proved the perfect travel project. The yarn was an old (maybe even my first??) knitty swap that's been sitting in my trunk. I loved the colors and have kept the skeins all this time waiting to figure out what they could be. Turns out, 3 hats.

I forgot to read carefully and double the yarn, so the little hat was an accident. The pattern said it would look small and stretch when worn, but no. Nothing would stretch that much - and I was only looking to cover a 2 year old head.... I kept going with it anyways, as I am planning to knit and donate a batch of things this year. I altered the fair isle a little for Maya's, adding a couple of rows and a pink stripe between the pattern repeitions - that way it matches Zoe's, right?? And although it's looking a little too long in the below photo, it actually needed the extra inch to cover her ears.

I'm proud of myself for these - because it's one of the rare times I actually saw a pattern, printed it out and ACTUALLY made it! I think I spend a large portion of my knitting time planning and printing and sketching things I never end up making. I know that's part of the beauty of the whole hobby - the planning, imagining, dreaming - but I'm fairly Type A. I like to plan, organize, execute. Knitting seems to be the only part of my life where the Execution part stays pretty fluid. It's probably good for me.

Anyways, I'm also glad to have begun my 2007 plan to knit and donate. I'm trying to make a few changes this year in my life. I've been home for a bit with Zoe and doing only the Stay At Home Thing. She'll be three next month, and it's time to do things for other people in the world again - people besides my family. So, step 1. Knit to Donate.

Step 2, also in the works. I've organized a Knitting Lesson for Maya's school. I filled out the forms today to teach 'em in the cafeteria on 2/16. So many of them see me at the playground or waiting for Maya at her lessons and ask if I can teach them. So... yep. I'll let you know how this goes after the lesson. It could be chaos - we're limiting it to the 2nd grade only to start. (This is not the job thing I mentioned before)

Steps 3 and 4 I'll keep to myself until I do something about them as well. So that's me for now.

But before I go, Alison's baby booties!
They were late and missed their chance to hang on the line at the shower, but I gave them to her last week at Knitsmiths, so they can be shown to the world.

Lorna's Laces in Bucks Bar. I took the sample sock pattern from my Awesome Sock Book and made it in Baby Cables. Dana wants the pattern, I'll mamage to put it together in a bit.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I'd rather just post a batch of photos from the past few months and get ready to move on.
Seems I've got it all fixed now - watch me post multiple photos!
(with one hand wrapped around my wine glass..)

Ribbed scarf, done in Takhi Donegal Tweed. I love this colorway. Royal blue with flecks of light blue, white and periwinkle. It's really simple, just ribbing with a few cables in the middle rib. It's become my everyday scarf since it matches my coat perfectly. See, I told you I was knitting at least SOMETHING for myself.

Grandma's scarf. Remember the Grandmaflage socks? This is for the same Grandma.
The tweedy wool is really soft but still warm, and the color is just up her alley.

She was so appreciative of the socks and the above scarf - I think I'm going to knit for her on a regular basis! The last time I was home, I was hanging out in her room with her while she was getting dressed for dinner. She keeps the socks, in their wrapping paper with card, on her armoire shelf with her sweaters when they are not on her feet. She thinks they are too special for the underwear drawer!

I had the hot pink yarn leftover from a thrift shop Ann Taylor sweater I'd bought and frogged. Some of the pink made its way into the stripey sweater, but there was still a big skein left. It was the best $4 yarn purchase I think I've ever made. Everyone who frogs, go get yourself an Ann Taylor sweater and go - the seams were easy and the yarn was in fabulous shape. I'm actually off to the Thrift Store tomorrow AM and hope to find another great stash bargain.

More views of the stripey sweater, just because I have them.

Zipper courtesy of fellow Knitsmith, Johanna. Isn't the color great???
See the pink stripes?

Lastly but not leastly, Marnie MacLean's Nautilus.
This particular pattern evaded me for a few years. I kept picking it up and screwing it up again and again. I know it's not even hard, but for some reason I could not wrap my head around how to do it. Now that I've done a few lace projects, I thought it was time and -- ta da!
Leftover Debbie Bliss Cashmerino with a Malabrigo edge.
It doesn't fit Maya, since it's meant or a grownup.

There, all caught up.
I have adorable hats from Knitty, some Uptown Boot Socks and Veste Evereste in progress.
And maybe a knitting related part time job in the works!
so stay tuned.

Monday, January 22, 2007

You might want to go back down a few posts and start with the "CAn I post" post.

I didn't realize as i wrote that they would all appear in backwards order.

it makes more sense if you read in the order I typed. You don't have to, but cut me some slack in the flow department if you choose to continue backwards.

New Socks, Old Socks
Originally uploaded by theacolman.
Those are Maya's legs. Socks on Feet. Socks on Knees.

She's not as spoiled as it seems, of all the items I've posted only these socks and the stripey sweater were for her.

And I'm not as altruistic as it seems, I have knit a few things for myself in the past few months as well. But these are the photos I happened to click on, so this is what you're seeing.

I think this will be my last post for now - I'd rather get my own software installed and have the freedom to post the photos through Blogger before I do another One Shot Wonder through Flickr.

And besides, let's even see if anyone besides Gayle is out there - hi Gayle - and you people even comment back to me. maybe you've moved on in my absence. (Yep, it's a request, maybe a shameless begging . Speak Up - send me a comment, lets see if I'm talking to myself again)

So the socks. The first ones, balanced on her knees, you might recognize from the Knitting Olympics. My first Socks. On Dani's lovely Sunshine Yarn in Iris.

Dani's first yarn, which was not Washable. And Especially not Dryable. But apparently somewhat Feltable. They are sooo soft and thick now, but they don't fit me anymore. But Maya LOVES them. And just in time for ice skating lessons and socks around the house, so hey. They are getting worn a lot.

the other socks, the ones on her feet - which were meant for her are Regia. Crazy Stripes or something like that. She kept hearing me wax poetic about what handknit socks feel like and begged for some of her own. She likes them too, but they aren't as felty and soft as the others.

Lucky little bugger. Two pairs of socks in one week. But actually pretty appreciative, so hey.

Stripey Leftover Sweater
Originally uploaded by theacolman.
Did I show you this yet? Found all my single skeins and realized they matched pretty well. Maya claimed big interest in the project - all the way through to the end, when she cried Itch. She later recanted when I folded it up and said I'd wait to put the zipper in when it fit Zoe. She even put it on once and proudly claimed the Malabrigo around the neck was soft and fluffy. But that didn't last.

So it sits, unloved, in her drawer. Perhaps her little sister will love it in a few years.

In the meantime, it does look pretty all spread out on the table - and I managed to some serious stash reduction in the process. And the drycleaning lady only charged me $8 to put the zipper in - way worth the shame of bringing it over and admitting my lack of any talent with a sewing machine (or needle, for that matter)

I'm not sure what happened over there, she charged $15 for the last two zippers I gave her - maybe she sees more coming and has defaulted to the bulk discount? )

Anyways, The idea came from Alterknits, which has a gorgeous stripey raglan sweater in it. A very cool book, which I didn't actually buy, but flipped through in my LYS. Am trying very hard to curb the spending, so expect more random stash related ideas in the future.....

Rosie's Hat
Originally uploaded by theacolman.
I made it twice. Still Very Ali McGraw. By repeating the cables every other row, they turned out on the diagonal. I like the effect. This one was for one of Maya's little friends down the street, so we call it Rosie's Hat.

Made out of Rowan Harris Tweed in a beautiful purple colorway. I have lots of this stuff, so expect to see more of it soon. It could be a Central Park Hoodie or an Arwen or Ariann, which is Bonnie marie Burns' newest creation. So far, I'm leaning towards Arian.

I'd link to all of them, but I'm playing with Flickr for the photos here and not liking it. Not only can't I use more than one photo at a time, but I can't access my linking bar.

Must upload my digital camera software onto the new computer. More fun ahead......

Barbara's LL Hat
Originally uploaded by theacolman.
So far, not so much. But check out at the hat from a new angle. Very Ali McGraw.

And the top.
Originally uploaded by theacolman.
Yep I can.

Baby Cable Hat in Lorna's Watercolor. This is my favorite new stitch. I've made up a few things out of it over the past month --- stay tuned and if this works out, you'll see em.
Maybe, just maybe I've fixed this? Thanks to the wisdom of by Knitsmith buddies, I just tried using Firefox. Rumor has it that Firefox plays nicely with both Blogger and Mac.

So hi again. Been a while. Lots of knitting around here. Lots of travel and some holidays too.