Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I'd rather just post a batch of photos from the past few months and get ready to move on.
Seems I've got it all fixed now - watch me post multiple photos!
(with one hand wrapped around my wine glass..)

Ribbed scarf, done in Takhi Donegal Tweed. I love this colorway. Royal blue with flecks of light blue, white and periwinkle. It's really simple, just ribbing with a few cables in the middle rib. It's become my everyday scarf since it matches my coat perfectly. See, I told you I was knitting at least SOMETHING for myself.

Grandma's scarf. Remember the Grandmaflage socks? This is for the same Grandma.
The tweedy wool is really soft but still warm, and the color is just up her alley.

She was so appreciative of the socks and the above scarf - I think I'm going to knit for her on a regular basis! The last time I was home, I was hanging out in her room with her while she was getting dressed for dinner. She keeps the socks, in their wrapping paper with card, on her armoire shelf with her sweaters when they are not on her feet. She thinks they are too special for the underwear drawer!

I had the hot pink yarn leftover from a thrift shop Ann Taylor sweater I'd bought and frogged. Some of the pink made its way into the stripey sweater, but there was still a big skein left. It was the best $4 yarn purchase I think I've ever made. Everyone who frogs, go get yourself an Ann Taylor sweater and go - the seams were easy and the yarn was in fabulous shape. I'm actually off to the Thrift Store tomorrow AM and hope to find another great stash bargain.

More views of the stripey sweater, just because I have them.

Zipper courtesy of fellow Knitsmith, Johanna. Isn't the color great???
See the pink stripes?

Lastly but not leastly, Marnie MacLean's Nautilus.
This particular pattern evaded me for a few years. I kept picking it up and screwing it up again and again. I know it's not even hard, but for some reason I could not wrap my head around how to do it. Now that I've done a few lace projects, I thought it was time and -- ta da!
Leftover Debbie Bliss Cashmerino with a Malabrigo edge.
It doesn't fit Maya, since it's meant or a grownup.

There, all caught up.
I have adorable hats from Knitty, some Uptown Boot Socks and Veste Evereste in progress.
And maybe a knitting related part time job in the works!
so stay tuned.


Nell said...

I love the tweed color. So pretty!

Nice FO's.

Norah said...

Wow--great photos! Glad to see you back up and blogging again!

Jofrog said...

Welcome back. I hope your technical difficulties are done now!

Glad to have given you the zipper, mine was installed last weekend... I should really get a picture of that sweater up on my blog... we'll see how the napping goes today!

Can't wait to hear about your possible yarn part-time job! How exciting.

Gayle said...

So much blogging and knitting to catch up on. Everthing looks great especially those"Ali McGraw" look hats. Great to see you back (both at Knitsmiths and on your blog!)

Knittypants said...

Very nice. I really like the tweedy scarf, and the stripey sweater.