Monday, January 22, 2007

New Socks, Old Socks
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Those are Maya's legs. Socks on Feet. Socks on Knees.

She's not as spoiled as it seems, of all the items I've posted only these socks and the stripey sweater were for her.

And I'm not as altruistic as it seems, I have knit a few things for myself in the past few months as well. But these are the photos I happened to click on, so this is what you're seeing.

I think this will be my last post for now - I'd rather get my own software installed and have the freedom to post the photos through Blogger before I do another One Shot Wonder through Flickr.

And besides, let's even see if anyone besides Gayle is out there - hi Gayle - and you people even comment back to me. maybe you've moved on in my absence. (Yep, it's a request, maybe a shameless begging . Speak Up - send me a comment, lets see if I'm talking to myself again)

So the socks. The first ones, balanced on her knees, you might recognize from the Knitting Olympics. My first Socks. On Dani's lovely Sunshine Yarn in Iris.

Dani's first yarn, which was not Washable. And Especially not Dryable. But apparently somewhat Feltable. They are sooo soft and thick now, but they don't fit me anymore. But Maya LOVES them. And just in time for ice skating lessons and socks around the house, so hey. They are getting worn a lot.

the other socks, the ones on her feet - which were meant for her are Regia. Crazy Stripes or something like that. She kept hearing me wax poetic about what handknit socks feel like and begged for some of her own. She likes them too, but they aren't as felty and soft as the others.

Lucky little bugger. Two pairs of socks in one week. But actually pretty appreciative, so hey.


Stariel said...

I'm still here! Love the socks. :)