Thursday, January 25, 2007

Three hats from this issue of Knitty. These were fun. I brought the yarn and the pattern with me to Disney and they proved the perfect travel project. The yarn was an old (maybe even my first??) knitty swap that's been sitting in my trunk. I loved the colors and have kept the skeins all this time waiting to figure out what they could be. Turns out, 3 hats.

I forgot to read carefully and double the yarn, so the little hat was an accident. The pattern said it would look small and stretch when worn, but no. Nothing would stretch that much - and I was only looking to cover a 2 year old head.... I kept going with it anyways, as I am planning to knit and donate a batch of things this year. I altered the fair isle a little for Maya's, adding a couple of rows and a pink stripe between the pattern repeitions - that way it matches Zoe's, right?? And although it's looking a little too long in the below photo, it actually needed the extra inch to cover her ears.

I'm proud of myself for these - because it's one of the rare times I actually saw a pattern, printed it out and ACTUALLY made it! I think I spend a large portion of my knitting time planning and printing and sketching things I never end up making. I know that's part of the beauty of the whole hobby - the planning, imagining, dreaming - but I'm fairly Type A. I like to plan, organize, execute. Knitting seems to be the only part of my life where the Execution part stays pretty fluid. It's probably good for me.

Anyways, I'm also glad to have begun my 2007 plan to knit and donate. I'm trying to make a few changes this year in my life. I've been home for a bit with Zoe and doing only the Stay At Home Thing. She'll be three next month, and it's time to do things for other people in the world again - people besides my family. So, step 1. Knit to Donate.

Step 2, also in the works. I've organized a Knitting Lesson for Maya's school. I filled out the forms today to teach 'em in the cafeteria on 2/16. So many of them see me at the playground or waiting for Maya at her lessons and ask if I can teach them. So... yep. I'll let you know how this goes after the lesson. It could be chaos - we're limiting it to the 2nd grade only to start. (This is not the job thing I mentioned before)

Steps 3 and 4 I'll keep to myself until I do something about them as well. So that's me for now.

But before I go, Alison's baby booties!
They were late and missed their chance to hang on the line at the shower, but I gave them to her last week at Knitsmiths, so they can be shown to the world.

Lorna's Laces in Bucks Bar. I took the sample sock pattern from my Awesome Sock Book and made it in Baby Cables. Dana wants the pattern, I'll mamage to put it together in a bit.


Knittypants said...

Cute hats, your's are the first to tempt me to make the pattern. And your girls are so cute :-)

Colleen said...

Those hats are so cute--nice spots of color.

gabriella said...

hey man, welcome back! sorry about the firefox...i wish i'd known that's what was holding you up - i'm also a mac user and blogger only works with firefox on my computer (which i only knew because the bf knows everything about macs - not me). sigh. anyway - nice to see your cool hats/socks, and let me know when you're ready for the CPH pattern! ~gabriella