Monday, February 12, 2007

It seems there's way low interest in the cocktail part of things, so back to the knitting.

Here's a shot of Vest Evereste, before seaming.

I loved the pattern and the yarn and the color. The Arcaunia Nature Wool is really pretty stuff - and although it feels a little itchy next to my sock yarn, it's actually great for a sweater. It doesn't have a lot of drape, but it looks nice in the cables, had very few breaks, and isn't too heavy or itchy with a tee shirt underneath.

So, I was very happy with the result and happily blocked and seamed and tried on. Turns out, I hate it on me. Still looks great on the table, but not so much on me. It's one of those designs that give you some extra boob, and, since I added a little length on the bottom,
some extra hourglass action on the hips. Neither of which I need. ugh.

I folded it up and resigned myself to frogging the whole thing, since I love the yarn too much to have it be unworn as some kind of garment. I was thinking Ariann, as it's one of the sugggested subs on Chicknits.

But then my sister came over and tried it on. It looks great on her - since she's only 20 something and has no flaws to hide. So it's unfolded again, waiting for some ribbing around the neck and sleeves. You'll see a finished shot of it soon.
But it'll be nice and flat on the table.....or maybe modeled on Melissa.

I'm apparently going through a green and blue phase, as you'll see below.

A few more small projects to keep working through the stash. The scarf is out of Danette Taylor handpainted wool. I love the colors on this. I got it in a Knitsmiths swap a while back, and although I've looked for Danette's yarn again, she seems to have closed up shop.

This will be for our elementary school's silent auction when finished. It may get a matching hat if I have enough yarn. I'm thinking simple ribs. It's very Manos-like, this stuff.
I still have one more skein in a similar colorway. I may use it next or save it to swap.

Also out of the stash, one more baby cable hat.

I love making this pattern - it's so easy, I can do it anywhere. Maya's been bugging me for one ever since Anna Rose's purple version. Cables without the needle! The yarn was in my stash, and I have no idea what it is. It came from my Mom, who has no idea either. I think she liked to gather the yarn more than she actually liked to knit with the stuff, and by the time she unloaded it all on me, it was a big blur to her.

It's very soft and a lovely shade of deep teal, with little green flecks. Maybe it's alpaca? I have a skein and a half. Whatever it is, Maya has tried it on her head a bunch of times and
swears it's the softest woofiest hat ever.

She'll get it when she gets out of school this afternoon, so we'll see if the love affair continues
or fizzles - as in the case of the still unloved stripey sweater.....

As for the pattern, it's a simple 2 x 2 ribbed hat.
I do an inch or so of ribbing for the edge and then go to the cable part.

Cable Patt
Row 1&2: K2,P2
Row 3: k2tog, leave on needle, and knit the first stitch again before slipping, P2
(I got this from a sock pattern)


Lastly, a little purchase still unknit.

This is Artyarns supermerino - and it's going to be a baby hat for my friend Edwidge, who's just had a little boy. I'm thinking baby spiral hat. I've seen them made before and never tried one,
but i know it's a pattern that won't be lost in the bright colors of the yarn.

And from this weekend, here's the big news around here.

Zoe's 3!
and sideways....

(Sorry Shireen!! I couldn't leave.)


Anonymous said...

cool green vest, too bad it didn't fit you. And I like the new yarn too.

Colleen said...

I LOVE the vest. Too bad it isn't working for you. What if you added sleeves?

Norah said...

Ditto on loving the vest--too bad it doesn't fit right (although at least you found someone who can/will use it). And happy belated birthday to Zoe!

BB said...

DT yarn is available through a yarn store in OH. I love her colorways too.