Tuesday, February 27, 2007


I think it's pretty appropriate that I knit this one while watching Snakes on a Plane. i used some leftovers from a skein of handspun (also from the Knitting Olympics swap - (thanks, whoever spun these!) and leftovers from a skein of light blue worsted I had used in the stripey sweater. Unfortunately the skein of worsted was in small balls, hence the snakes...

And here's the finished sherbert hat, although it doesn't look so sherbert-y in these shots.

Below is Arwen. We're moving along, but I'm having issues.

First, the Sublime yarn is not so sublime right now.
It's still soft and beautiful, and has only a few knots, but...
You can't see in these shots, it's a gray fuzz appearing sporadically on the finished fabric. It's not pilling exactly - more like fluffing. I don't know what it's called - but it bugs me.

I'm hoping it will stop soon, since it bums me out, especially since I bought the yarn specifically because it was not supposed to get pilly. I thought it would be like my beloved Aurora 8. Anyone ever have a similar problem with a sweater? What did you do? Does it go away?

My other issues are more knitter based... My needle here is pointing to a misfired cable. I didn't think it would bug me, but it does. I might redo it, or see if I can rework it somehow. It really just needs to have a crossover over it, am wondering if I can somehow knit over it without frogging so far down? (it's pretty far down the side...)
Again, anyone an expert at cable fixes???

Also, I messed with the sleeves to change the dimensions and am not sure I like what I did. I shortened, which was OK. But then I added a few rows to make the arm looser and think I have added a few too many. I'm thinking I should have trusted the pattern on this one, esp since my arms are pretty small.

The sweater itself is kind of boxy and the sleeves give it a little fit, I'm thinking. I didn't want to make them loose, just not tight. ugh. The middle is tough to do - I have to make the cables match to do the kitchner, so it's either tight or loose, I can't stop mid pattern or it will look funky. Unless I bail on the cable arms and go with some seed stitch?

I might just frog the entire left side down to the waist to fix both sleeves and errant cable at once. But I can't handle it yet. So I've started the other side and will revisit the side once
when I feel like thinking about it. Phhhhhht.

Off to Stop and Shop, the doc and tennis today! See you.


Anonymous said...

This link http://ineedorange.blogspot.com/2006/06/fixing-miscrossed-cable.html will take you to a good tutorial on fixing miscrossed cables.

Best wishes,


Thea said...

thanks much to Sara-Hope, who showed me a great tutorial and led me on a google search that also unearthed fixes from Yarn Harlot and Cara of JanuaryOne. Not sure which fix I'll use, but I definitely don't have to frog down to the waist to make it perfect again! whew.