Saturday, February 03, 2007

Who doesn't love new stuff?

First I have a new camera, which means my pictures will finally look as pretty as all of yours. Second, I have a new chair to knit in. This one's not covered in 16 years of spills and unmentionables and it's soooooo comfy. And just look how the sun hits it. Mmmmm. I also bought a new table that you can't see. It's on the other side. It's for resting coffee and cocktails on - and it has a door so I can put all the yarn IN....

(and I know I owe you a long post specifically dedicated to what I've been drinking! I have the shots, will do soon.) As for what I've been doing in the chair besides drinking... On the subject of New Stuff, I've gotten a French Press coffee maker and a Frother.

You'd be amazed how many coffee type drinks are better with a little somethin' added. And some (as Maya calls it) Fluff.

OK, maybe I still have a little ways to go with my photographic abilities. Big shadow. This is Arcaunia Nature Wool in apple green - it's going to be a cabled V neck vest from IK. I think it's called Veste Evereste -- I'm lengthening the body and making the V deeper - So far the back is done, front coming along. Am thinking vests may be my new thing - no sleeves to worry about = less seaming, less yarn, less time. But lets see if I wear the thing first.

I'm doing a little better on the photo here - Who doesn't love Noro? I actually love knitting with it, but have little desire to wear it, so this one is a ribbed hat for charity. The colors are so fun to knit with when they change on you, and they're gorgeous. But gorgeous on someone else's head, not mine.

Anyways, off for the day. Things are planned for me - it's my Birthday!!
We started with breakfast made for me
I'll find out what in a little bit.


Jofrog said...

Happy Birthday! I hope that the festivities can continue tomorrow at Knitsmiths! for the new chair, where does Zoe nap now? The new chair could mean the end of naps forever!!!

Gayle said...

Wo-hoo! Happy Birthday! I think you may really have something with the vest idea. No sleeves means more creativity for the body. Sounds good!

knitting bandit said...

Happy Birthday! I love your orange chair. My favorite chair is ornage! And I drink lots latte's in mine! Your cabled back looks incredible!