Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Vacation means a little time outside - and look what hat she's wearing!
It looks much better on her head than on the photo I posted a few entries back.
I'm just glad I finally made something she loves.

About a half hour after this was taken, we walked into town and dropped the hat while crossing the street at a busy intersection. Luckily a driver honked and pointed, but we had to wait one entire cycle of the stoplight before we were able to run out and get the poor hat,
which was stranded in the center of the intersection.

I thought Maya was going to lose it as each car drove past, narrowly missing the little yarn bump in the road by inches! I think they saw us standing there, craning our necks and watching breathlessly. Most of them swerved to avoid it, but she was terrified it would be flattened and ruined by some slushy nasty tires....whew.

Vacation also means some quality knitting time on Arwen.

I'm done with the boring back and find my gauge is a little off. Instead of 19 inches across, I'm a little over 20. Am thinking I can fix that at seaming? Has anyone done something like that?
It's only an inch or so, it shouldnt be a problem, right???

Now I'm working my way up the first side. Once I got the hang of the cable, it's been fun. Enough of a pattern to require some attention, but still OK for TV knitting.
The band is turning out kind of cushy and soft, since it's cables on both sides. I like that.
(or maybe it's the silk, cashmere, merino yarn?)

Don't look too close, there's a little cable misfire in there.
I'm thinking only a knitter will notice, (and only an asshole will say so) so I'm ignoring.

Here's the finished gift for baby Eliot.

Made of Artyarns Merino - a little topknot hat and some baby mitties. I made these up, using a 32 stitch ribbed sock as a base and measuring to a big stuffed bear we have! It worked pretty well. I like how the yarn pools differently in the hat, the mitties and the string. And I am thinking a little headband for me out of the leftovers.

And lastly, what every bored Mom does on school vacation.

A trip to Target!
We found the Valentines stuff for 90% off, so the girls got matching valentines tee shirts - with little dogs on them. 40 cents each! If only my LYS had stuff for 90% off....


Alexis said...

Arwen is looking fabulous! And very pink!