Saturday, March 24, 2007

It's nice enough to be out here! You need a light jacket, but the snow's gone and the sun is out.
And that's enough for us.

I'm not doing a ton of knitting this weekend, but I managed to finish up the first side on this cardigan while Zoe slept this afternoon. I am going to LOVE this sweater (so I say now...)

And look what I found on the web!

I think it'll have a more prominent place around here soon.


Gayle said...

Great jpg image. Maybe you can have cards made up with that logo.

Enjoy the great weather while we have it!

Jofrog said...

You do know that snow is on the way... right now, right? Ahh, spring is really coming though, and the sudden switching from warm to frigid is what makes us love New England!

Glad that you are loving that sweater... I bought the book yesterday because of you!

Carol said...

That's the logo from the book Knitting Under the Influence. Not a bad book but not great either. Great logo though!