Friday, March 30, 2007

She saw it and likes it, so I decided to finish up and give it to her.

Ta Da!

Below are my perfect buttons. My friends at Wild and Wooly are to thank for these. They are almost the same color purple as the yarn. So fabulous...

Here's a shot of the cool lace detail down the front. I might use this in a scarf soon. It's a simple ladder, but it's so easy to do, and looks great.

And... here's how big and boxy it got on me - you can't really see well, but trust me. It's supposed to be pretty fitted. And it ain't.

It grew sideways, but the length is still perfect. Which proves it was a blocking issue. Am thinking of knitting it again, but casting on less stitches and making it narrower. Hmmm. The way I figure, I just need to measure the existing sweater and count off.

Think that will work?

Then Jo Sharp 2's cardigan will be just like Zephyr's Green Gable.

A pattern so nice, I knit it twice!

oh and about the mice... the exterminator came today and loaded up our basement with enough poison to kill the entire mouse population of Boston. We'll see if they go away now.... he says it takes about a week. Which explains why Zoe saw one run across the floor this afternoon...


Melissa said...

It looks really nice and I'm sure your mom will love it -- but what a drag! I do admire your attitude about all this though, I feel like I sulk a lot more...I've been having sweater issues of my own lately. When it happens, I make a baby hat. It's quick and satisfying and there are no sizing issues (mostly because there are no babies here to try it on!)!!

Anonymous said...

HI there,
I am a big fan of Jo Sharp (and am an Aussie) so it's easy to come by all her stuff. Also love the ladder-stitch cardy - your purple one is a fab colour. Now I have a word of advice for you about the Diamond vest pattern from the Jo Sharp 'Saturday' book that you were interested in. I knitted this up in some DB cotton cashmere and there is a small errata when making the eyelets (check their site) BUT the shoulders need shaping like there is no tomorrow. The pattern is all square and the shoulders stick out like something from an 80's rock band. I had to hand sew about 2 inches of the band under (it is knit in one piece - there was no going back). A great pattern otherwise. PS: I have also made the cover sweater (sideways top) and the fitted cardy - can highly recommend these. Cheers, Diana in Oz