Tuesday, March 27, 2007

All I need to finish on this are the sleeves. They're short so it should be done soon....

On the mouse front, here's what the girls did this morning before school - they got dressed early and pulled up stools to watch the Running of the Mice. Seems the route goes from our stove to the fridge. And back. These little warehouse mice have no fear of noise or lights - and no sense of time. Arent mice supposed to be nocturnal? Not these guys, they seem to enjoy a good 6-8 am romp.
Anyways, Lowes has offered to pay for the exterminator and I'm going to schedule him later on today, much to the dismay of the cheeering section below...

Hello under there....that's Squeaky.

Zoe has a playdate here this morning - it's the first time they've ever been over and i don't know the mom or the kid that well. Think they'll be amused or horrified?


Julie said...

When I was a kid my cat located and exterminated mice in a nest in the broiler of our oven. Not sure how they survived there since Mom *did* in fact use that oven. Anyway, she left the dead squeakies in the kitchen and Mom pitched a gianormous fit. Being 11 or 12 I didn't see what the big deal was and thought she ought to be grateful it was *dead* mice Bootsie left for her on the kitchen floor. ;) I guess I'd fall into the amused category.

Lili said...

I wish my kids had the same admiration for the little critters, but alas, quite the opposite.
Your girls are adorable, the human girls that is.
One thing that I should like to tell you is to have the range inspected. Much to our dismay, and to late to do anything about it ( not worth the expense for us) the mice had chewed the electrical cords inside our range. How did we find out you ask?
Our stove locked and we couldn't use it for weeks. We called a repair man and it was going to cost quite a bit, so my DH decided to have a crack at it, and managed to opene it. We can't use the self cleaning mode any longer, but at least I can use the oven again.
The cute little critters still come and go, but with the addition of Luna (Moon), our new cat, we don't seem to see them very often.
Great color in your home, by the way.

Lili said...

I checked your flikr account of FO's. The fish hats are adorable, were can I find the patter?
My e-mail is l.tincher@cox.net

Anonymous said...

Hee hee. The mouse reminds me of the time my next door neighbour invited me into her kitchen for a cup of tea.
As she was making the tea, I looked down and saw a field mouse sitting up, in the middle of the floor, calmly washing its face and ears and looking very much at home.
Dilemma! Hope it just goes away so I don't have to mention it to my neighbour...
As it showed no sign of moving, I said -as calmly as I could muster... "There. is. a. mouse. over. there... Just as calmly she replied: "Oh, yes, that's Mickey!". My daughter has been feeding it and it has become part of the family!