Wednesday, March 14, 2007

First the yarn. I've been lurking around the destash blog lately and seen quite a bit of yarn I'd like to own, but I've successfully convinced myself I can live without most of it, no matter how good the bargain.
But then I saw this stuff. Deep purple Rowan tweed. 8 skeins, about $40, including the shipping. What's a girl to do? Well, you know what I did. I cannot wait to knit this stuff up for next fall!

and more yarn...
This skein came from the Knitsmiths Swap last Sunday. It's a really beautiful mix of pastels from Morehouse Merino. It's mine, courtesy of Dani. Although it will never look good on me, it's begging to be a scarf for someone. So, i'tll be up for silent auction, along with my other random projects, later this spring. This auction is great - it's given me an excuse to knit all those skeins I do want to knit, but do not want to wear!

And a little more yarn..
These skeins I do want to wear. They came from a great little yarn store I stumbled upon last Saturday in Salem. It's called Seed Stitch and it's located on Front Street, just down from the Peabody Essex Museum or just up from the Salem Beer Works (depends on where you're coming from...) A cool little street full of crafty shops - quilting, needlearts and knitting!
It's a beautiful space - exposed brick and natural light, full of amazing luxury fibers. The folks working there were friendly and helpful, even when it appeared I was just there to browse and not to buy -- while Zoe slept in her stroller.
I hung our and read pattern book after pattern book. They have an amazing book selection - tons of gorgeous stuff. It's just a nice way to pass the time, checking out those Jo Sharps and Louisa Hardings in one of their chairs. Unfortunately the one book I wanted they were out of, but the salesperson gladly offered to call me when it came in. I couldn't wait and already own it, but it's been less than a week and they already called me back to say they have it.

The skeins are this amazing stuff called Terra. It' s upstairs now so I forget the actual fiber. Each color is beautiful - a main shade with almost a shadow color over it. $16 a skein, but so unusual I convinced myself I was worth it! they had the most gorgeous red and orange shades, but this one is a bluish teal with purple running through it, really lovely. I have about 200yds, just need to find a good pattern for an openwork spring scarf.
So anyways, stop by if you're in Salem - and then you can get a beer after, just down the hill.

And then, speaking of stores.... Some of you already know my saga with the Sublime Yarn. I knit Arwen and it came out great. Flattering, fits, all that. But I finished it up on Sunday and it already looks like something I've owned for a few years.

The light is better today to show you the fuzz and pills that I'm talking about. They began while I was still knitting - and keep in mind, I bought these skeins about a month ago and kept them in a plastic bag until using them. And I knit them inside, on a velour chair. You'd think I dragged the thing across a concrete sidewalk, or knit it on a playground of wood chips. Little white and gray fibers are popping up all over, and on the red, it really stands out.

Anyways, I wore it on Monday and although I love the sweater, am pretty disappointed in the yarn (did I already mention that???) So... not sure what might happen, I wore it over to Wild and Wooly, where I had bought it, to show them and see what they might have to say.

After all, $120 is a lot to spend, yes? So anyways, kudos to Wild and Wooly so far. I've gotten Jackie's ear and she's called the rep already. She's as dismayed as I am, and is trying to get the rep to come in and see how the yarn's worn. I am hoping to get my $120 back, and she's backing me up. I'll let you know what happens, but so far I'm very impressed at my LYS for standing behind their products and trying to help out a loyal customer....

stay tuned. (of course, the $120 will go right back into new yarn if I get it, yes?)


Jofrog said...

I'm very impressed with Wild and Wooly's stance. That's great. I'm not very sensitive to pilling, it's what all soft yarns do, but after seeing your sweater on Sunday, I do agree. It definitely shouldn't look like that right off of the needles. Luckily, only a knitter would notice!