Monday, March 26, 2007

And since there is no such thing as A Mouse, look below.


And they are soooo not afraid of me. I think they're posing for the camera.

Apparently my family has been unknnowingly selected for a month of customer service trials. In addition to our new and very sporadic Comcast service, which has already warranted many calls back and forth, and the saga with the Sublime sweater, we now have a whole new relationship with Lowes Home Improvement.

See, we had company this weekend (the human kind, not these little dudes) down from Maine. A family that used to live on our street came to visit with their kids. On Sat PM, as all the kids settled into bed, the husbands looked at each other and decided to head out to Lowes to look at the Grills. After all, the temp had gone above 50 and the snow had melted, so it was obviously time to begin shopping.

My friend Suzanne and I were perfectly happy to open up a bottle of wine and found a bad chick flick on TV. (The Lake House. Many plot holes, but entertaining nonetheless) We even called the men and warned them to stay out and get a beer unless they wanted to see Keanu Reeves. It was around 9:00.

Instead they returned a half hour later with a grill and a six pack. A grill they wanted to assemble that night - in the same room as us. We rolled our eyes and turned the sound up and made fun of them and complained about the noise.


they noticed the styrofoam. It had been eaten away in places. There was mouse poop in the box. And something furry in the corner. Lucky for us, they decided to open the door and take the box out on the deck before going any further. Long story short, an entire mouse family had set up camp in the warm cozy grill. Moms, Dads, Uncles, Aunts. We saw em dart across the deck in the snow. The worst of all was the batch of mouse babies in the charcoal tray. The guys abandoned the project mid box and called Lowes.

Lowes came the next morning, gave us a new assembled grill and took everything off the deck. But I'm thinking the little family needed to find new digs, huh? The babies didn't make it, but apparently many of the adults are now happily cruising around in my old walls.

Eeeew. And now there are three of them posing for photos in my kitchen. One we already caught in an trap this morning, and another is floating around the back closet.

Am waiting to hear back from Lowes this AM - I have to go off and teach a knitting class, but when I get back, either I'm calling the exterminator or they are.

And either way, they're paying the bill ....

again, eeeew.


shireen said...

oh, that is quite a story!! sadly, i have my own traumatic tale of baby mice and grills but i will not recount it here. i can't believe they made it into your kitchen like that!!

gabriella said...

HOLY CRAP. I am very, very sorry you have to deal with that - we only had one mouse who we never saw and who hasn't been around in a while (keeping my fingers crossed that he's not dead but rather just wreaking havoc on the annoying and very unclean boys in apartment 2 instead - they have way more food lying around than we do) That is really something. Good luck! ~gabriella

Alexis said...

I can tell you plenty of stories about mice that you do not want to hear. But that's certainly a unique way of getting them into your house. Good luck!

Kathy said...

Ick. We just went through a mouse family taking up residence in our kitchen drawers. A coupla mousetraps did the trick...for now. We blame my sister who used to be our downstairs tenant. She had a cat and he had a cat door...and you probably can guess the rest. The mice became tenants too. Good luck with your demousing.

Kath said...

Yuck! I'm sorry about your mouse problem. I just came across your blog. Thanks for the comments on the Sublime yarn. I also just bought some Sublime yarn at W&W. I bought the baby yarn, but I will put a swatch through the wash a few times before I decide to make anything "big" with it.

Nell said...

Sorry you got mice. That stinks. But at least it is a good story!

gabriella said...

thanks for the east arlington classes tip!!! very helpful - just what she was looking for.

meanwhile, hope you haven't driven away the neighborhood with your mousey friends...i think you need the Pied Piper - NOW. ~gabriella