Thursday, March 29, 2007

Finished my Jo Sharp sweater out of the lovely Rowan. It came out great - I did a good seaming job and had very few mistakes at all. The yarn is really gorgeous.

But the blocking. This yarn expanded! As a tweedy wool would. But, I must now grow in order to wear the thing. I need one of those little cakes Alice had. A little taller, a little wider, a little more solid in the shoulders. I imagine I've been off gauge all through, and didn't really notice, but I had tried all the pieces together and they were OK. Oh why did I block?
Maybe I'm knit cursed? The last three sweaters I made - the everest vest I gave to Melissa, Arwen, which is off being evaluated for a refund, and the Jo Sharp vest, which I abandoned a few inches in - what have I got? Oh yeah, and the socks I also bailed on. I got nothin.

This could be a lesson in substituting yarn (really... if I want to take a close and objective look... hmmm) but no - the Jo Sharp was the suggested yarn and I wasn't feeling the urge to finish it.
Ugh, it's the yarniverse conspiring against me?

But back to this cardigan. I have to sew down the collar and add the buttons, but maybe I won't.
I'm thinking of bringing it ot Knitsmiths and seeing who it suits. Maybe someone's been dying for a purple short sleeved cardigan - someone who's around a size 10? I could frog, but i did such a GOOD seaming job, if you know what I mean. I'll never find the ends all woven in perfect and such. oh well, no promises, but it might be up for grabs on Sunday.


Jofrog said...

Super bummer! That's such a cute pattern. What about seaming in the sides a bit, or throwing it in the wash and watching it. Can you make it work at all?

Maybe bring it to Knitsmiths and everyone will convince you that it looks great and you are crazy!

Anonymous said...

well, looks like my Mom wants it! And actually, it will look great on her, so I'm sending it.

But I do have more yarn, maybe a smaller one will get on the needles next? or maybe I'll learn my lesson and use the RIGHT YARN before I reknit? Either way, I must have a sweater of this sutff.