Sunday, April 29, 2007

before you read on, does anyone else have problems keeping their spaces between paragraphs in Blogger??? I make spaces and they keep disappearing!!! ugh.
(ok, now go read my giant run on paragraph)
I can finally close the book on our mouse infested grill from Lowes.
The exterminator had come and laid all these bait boxes around the place. He told me the mice get hungry and eat the poison, and then get really thirsty and go outside to die. I was informed I'd find green and blue mouse poop once they were snacking on the bait and then I'd see them no more. I'm skeptical, but he said it happens all the time. So, lovely - looking forward to it. Not really clear on how they know the dying is supposed to take place out of doors, but hey, if it works, right?
Yep, imagine my dismay when two weeks later, I'm still seeing little black turds around. Not a single blue guy. And when every night when I sit down to knit and watch TV and the little dudes begin running - kitchen, across by the TV and down into the dining room walls - then back. Sometimes under the sofa. They even go and SMELL the sticky traps and decide to walk (scurry?) off.
So I call the guy back and explain that our mice aren't so into the poison thing. Maybe just not hungry? Maybe, just maybe there's another approach that doesn't hinge on eating? Nope. He lays down a bunch more bait boxes, gives me some more fold up sticky traps, reminds me it's free to call him if I need to again, (and again and again?) and leaves.
ugh. But then I had a brilliant plan. I made a Line of Death. I peeled off the sitcky traps and left them unfolded, in a line across the floor - right in the path their nightly route. Not FIVE minutes later they walk right into my fabulous trap....Ta Da.
It's been almost a week now. No poops and no mice.
yep, I'm that good.
The game above we got at a rummage sale yesterday morning -
complete with all the pieces for a quarter! Meant to be.



Carol said...

Had to hear what happened to the mice! Nice job!

sarah-hope said...

Bravo for your mouse-fighting genius!

shireen said...

ick- i hope you weren't the one that had to remove them all. Glad they're gone!!

Gayle said...

Congratulations on your victory over the mice and over the returning exterminator! But what are you doing about a grill - you remember, that's what started this whole adventure.

Rose said...

Yes, I'm a new blogger so I thought the paragraph glitch was something I was doing. Glad to hear it's not just me.

Love your stuff!