Wednesday, April 04, 2007

with round asses this time.

It's Zoe's new sweater! ta da

It's taken a while to finish because the original yellow yarn I was using was kind of nasty. I ignored it at first, but then realized she'd be hopefully wearing this as much as she wears the green and blue one with the flowers and since she's SOOO easygoing about this stuff, I went for a softer yarn.
I ripped out the few inches of yellow and ladybugs, and went to Wild and Wooly for more Cascade 220. So... it fits, it's soft, and there's room to grow (cuffs on the sleeves this time)

It's snowing (ugh, yes snowing) here, so pardon the dim light on the photos.

And I left San Francisco for this....?

The ladybugs themselves are different shades of red, that's not the light.
I decided to use some leftover Kureyon bits that were appropriately ladybug colored.
Each one is a little different - one's pinker, one's orangey red and one's red red. Their dots are also different, I'm guessing each will have a name by tomorrow, so they needed personalities.
I liked adding the Noro - it puffs out a little, which gives the bugs some "shells".
I didn't feel like a whole row of them, so just one on each side.

And above Zoe's own adorable round ass, one more of the ladybug variety.....

PS. No new Sublime updates- am waiting to hear. Way less mice around these parts. We steel wooled all the holes in the floor where our heating pipes go, so I guess even if we have our micey friends, but they can't find us up here on the Other Side of the Brillo....


Bezzie said...

Very cute!!!

May said...

Cute cardigan!!
No more cute mice, though. I thought your photos were so good. I thought I could hear them say 'can't catch me!' Did you find someone with the Rowan book you were looking for?