Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Indecision and cold weather. I'm guessing the two are related.
It's supposed to snow again tomorrow!

I've played with and swatched Skein 1 of my Jo Sharp Soho Summer into about 20 different ideas so far. We've given up on the eyelet vest for now. My final thought is that I still want to knit it, but maybe for fall, out of something with a little give to it. The cotton might end up pretty shapeless and creased with the ribbing at the waist if I use this yarn. And I need to address the shaping around the shoulders, which has been pointed out as a potential problem by a sympathetic, yet anonymous blogger - (thanks, whoever you are)

I've been thinking about the Hourglass Cable Sweater from Jo Sharp 2. Here are some bits of the pattern, and a gauge swatch. I've also thought about doing the Ladder Stitch Cardigan again, although the gauge is pretty off. To make up for that, I might use the cardigan pattern for Soho that's in Jo Sharp Summer - just change the neckline and add the front detail so it looke like the ladder one. I've been flipping through my old IKs and books - I'm also eyeing the Max Azria sweater, but I don't think the yarn is right.
It's knitters block. ain't it? But I think it's because it's still cold out. So, I'm going to try a Log Cabin Blanket! Cozy and warm, but still cotton.

One last dip into the Debbie Bliss Afghan Stash from my mom, and ....
maybe, just maybe, I'll use it up this time.
As for mice and yarn, very little satisfaction on both fronts.
We're apparently a last bastion of mouse courage over here. Even with the motherlode of poison floating around, we seem to be the Rodent Alamo. Every night I sit down to watch TV and they do a few laps. Kind of funny, but pretty distracting - I keep looking out of the corner of my eye. And every morning I wake up and evaluate what's on the counters --- now is that a burnt bit? Or....? Oh crap! (literally) They are supposed to be blue once the little buggers eat the poison, but apparently they're not buying it yet. Tiny black turds. Lovely.
I'm going through the 409 like a banshee. My house has NEVER been cleaner. We've done the cabinets, the junk drawer, the tupperware area, and even swept the basement...(I can't even remember the last time we did THAT) It leaves precious little time for knitting and childcare!
And on the sublime yarn, I stopped by Wild and Wooly to check in with a frustrated Jackie. No answers, and no sweater back either. I mean jeez, with the cold weather around there, that thing might have been worn enough to justify the crazy pilling if only I HAD IT TO WEAR by now. Hopefully my visit will give her a little oomph for a more angry call?