Friday, April 06, 2007

you make lemonade.

When Boston gives you 23 degrees in April, you make one more scarf.
This is the lovely Terra I bought in Salem at Seed Stitch.
See the gorgeous color? A light minty blue and lavender.

And you covet some things for spring.
This is a new sweater by Max Azria - think it will cost more to design and knit or to buy it outright? Anyone know a cheap drapey, natural looking soft cotton, small gauge.
Here it is belted..



Anonymous said...

Would Knit Picks Shine Sport work?

gabriella said...

wow that sweater is glorious...if you figure it out you must share pattern notes!! As for a yarn, I can't think of anything off the top of my head except maybe Blue Sky cotton - or their natural colored alpaca would be stunning - but warm, and pricey. your call. also - i will be at ks this sunday and will bring back your jo sharp book for you! thanks for lending it. :) ~gabriella

colleen said...

Scarf looks great on you!

I think that there's a Knitpicks cotton that'll work well for the Max Azria cardi. I haven't knit with it, so how would I really know?