Thursday, May 17, 2007

So, here's what I've been playing with. It's my "design as you go" cardigan. I used baby cables and ribs and am planning on putting some of my new vintage buttons to good use. Just the sleeves left, and one big question. Maybe some of you will have an opinion?

I know I want a crew neck, and on the left side, have already made one. It's a little lower on the chest than all the way up. It hits below my collarbones. I'm liking it. BUT, I have no idea what kind of neck ribbing to add here. I don't think a whole bunch of ribs will look good all the way around. Too busy. But maybe one long baby cable horizontally that I sew on? Any thoughts? A plain crochet edge? I have no idea. What do you guys think?

Here's my take from NH S&W. See, I completely controlled myself. The blue on the left is a slik and alpaca mix with shades of purple and burgundy in it. Much like the Cambridge Cardigan I made a while back, but way way way softer. (and more expensive!) Craig is going to get a zig zag pattern scarf out of it - He informed me he had no blue in his winter accessory knits! I decided to control the smirk at that one and use it as an excuse to buy something.

The other is 450 yds of a merino blend. I love it. Am thinking a shrug . This one has a cool lacy back I like, and I can make it with shorter arms to save yarn. Of course, I'll need to adapt the whole thing to a new gauge. Let's see what kind of quagmire i can create....

And if all the above goes bust, I'm about to cast on for Juno from Rowan 40!


Carol said...

My 2 cents is a baby cable rib looping around the scoop neck. It won't be that long to make & sew on but will look great.
I've always liked that Shimmer shrug. Can't wait to see yours.
p.s. have cast on Juno on 5.5mm needles. The 5mm were too small and 6mm too big. Not sure I'm getting correct tension but it's the best I can do!

Sarah-Hope said...

I think the baby cable is exactly the right idea.

Lulu said...

Here's something else you can do ...

I have been tagged and need to pass it on 7 times so I have tagged you - see my blog for details - tell us something about yourself!

lotsa love

Sarah-Hope said...

I just wanted to add that you made a great yarn choice on that sweater. In shops, I'm always drawn to the wild, variegated yarns, and I've been working to teach myself about the virtues of calm and simple colors that let the knitting be the star--rather than the fiber. I have begun to see greys and taupes anew, as real allies in my knitting.