Friday, May 11, 2007

so, my camera has returned home after her long trip to Dubai.
here's the view from the hotel balcony.

And some local shopping. Note the smoking incense thingy in the spice shop. So cool.

I particularly like the mannequins below....

Accessories make the outift, don't they?

And look - even in Dubai, a local Bostonian can feel right at home.....

I'll spare you guys the rest of the shots. Suffice to say, no yarn stores and few knitters in the 100 degree desert. But back at home here in rainy New England, here's someone who appreciates a good blanket.

I asked her if I could spread it out for a better shot and she gave me a withering look, so maybe later. It turned out beautiful. The colors are amazing and it was so easy. Despite the boredom, I definitely recommend making your own Log Cabin Blanket with your stray skeins.

I also recommend curling up with it on your bean bag chair to watch TV.

And here is my next project.

I'm making it up as I go along (which ALWAYS turns out so well....) but we'll see what it turns into. The fit is half based on a sweater I own, half on the cardigan from Jo Sharp Summer. And this is the Summer Soho yarn.

So far, I'm thinking cardigan. This is the back, which is a few rows away from being complete. The baby cables will also appear on the front, and may travel up farther than the ribbing. 3/4 length sleeves and little gray buttons. Crew neck.

At least that's what I'm saying today, maybe tomorrow it will be a tank...


Carol said...

Awwww. She's adorable and the blanket looks great too!

gabriella said...

they have the DD in dubai...WOW, now i've seen everything. dubai runs on dunkin'? good to know they are not going without boston kreme out there. great photos - i love those mannequins too. and the blanket looks great, from what i've seen/can see here - proof of a successful knit if she won't let you take it off of her! ~gabriella