Friday, May 18, 2007

So I'm apparently tagged, thanks to Lulu . I've never done one of these blog activity things ( If you watch the office, a funtivity) before, but since I've had so much fun reading Lulu's blog, and because she lives in the middle of nowhere - a short drive from Dubai - and must amuse herself somehow, I'm going to do this thing. I need to dig up 7 facts about myself and I need to tag 7 of you out there to do the same --- Am not in the mood to think about it now, but promise to do so in the next few days.
In the meantime, although much knitting is happenining, the gray sweater looks generally the same. I've been playing with the neckline and shoulders. I'll spare you the details, and hopefully post a finished sweater later this week - maybe it will even fit me...

One final note regarding the Sublime yarn. In the end, Kudos to both them and Wild and Wooly for standing behind their products. They sent me a very nice email, have made good on the money spent on the original batch and are even sending me my Arwen back. They also informed me the problem was with a small batch only. So don't avoid the yarn based on my experiences - apparently i'm just the lucky one! Above, on my keyboard are the two yarns I picked to replace the original Arwen batch.

So, you can see I am going to give the Sublime Yarn another try - it feels so amazing and it comes in such gorgeous colors, I am glad to knit with it again and have high hopes for a new fave sweater.. Above is their deep, almost silvery gray Merino.
And as Sarah Hope commented, the grays and taupes that get overlooked so often are really gorgeous colors when knit and things I can wear a ton. This gray batch is going to be the hourglass sweater from Jo Sharp 2 - I think it could be one of my most worn sweaters if I sub the merino for the cotton - I barely have the need for a long sleeved summer sweater. Like "jumbo shrimp", isn't that really an oxymoron anyways?
And the amazing green Cashmerino DK will be a new hoodie, to take Arwen's place.
I'm thinking the BPT from Knitty. Haven't run across any of those finished. anyone knit one?


shireen said...

ooh, i've been ogling Sublime for some time now at The Point. You'll have to tell me how it knits up. the colors are indeed beautiful.

knitten kitten said...

I hear you about greys and taupes. Some of my favorite things turn out being neutrals so you can nevr go wrong with the grey and that one looks really lovely. The teal is gorgoues as well. Jacque

colleen said...

Can totally see you in BPT.

And I agree with Sarah Hope about the taupes and grays.

And, yes, Sublime is fabulous.


Mary said...

I made the BPT a couple of years ago and it is one of my most worn sweaters. I plan on making it again.