Monday, May 07, 2007

So sorry. My camera is on vacation in Dubai. Apparently it wanted to see some desert and ride a camel. I promise more photos when it returns.

But, some photoless updates:

1. No mice for two weeks. I think we're done. I owe it all to the Line of Death.

2. The Log Cabin blanket is done and it really does look great. I think the tedium is worth it and highly recommend one to anyone else looking to get rid of all the singles in their stash.

3. The buttons are on their way - I am a little horrified that I spent $17 on buttons, but I'm also kind of excited that they could be cool and kind of fun. i' don't think I've ever SEEN 1,000 buttons at once. (and really, who has?)

4. I am officially irate at the Sublime Yarn people. I went to Wild and Wooly today and had the same conversation I've had about 10 times already. Yeah they plan on making good (exactly what that means....?), but no we have no new info. Once they decided the yarn was to blame and they plan on giving me cash back, how long SHOULD it take?

I told them I don't only want my money back anymore, i also want some extra compensation for time knit and time waiting. i've been nice and I've been patient, but people, this is ridiculous! Turns out the rep is also the rep for Debbie Bliss and Noro... I'm thinking 14 new skeins of another yarn PLUS my money back is getting to be what I want. And if it goes much longer, I also want a pattern book....

so, without imagery, that's all I got. Have begun new things, but I can't show you yet... promise I will after thursday. till then.


Only because I wrote this today and also because I got impatient and sent Knitting Fever a mad email did I get an answer from Wild and Wooly about my sweater. Doesn't the universe always conspire to make you look like an idiot? Someone will read my email in a few hours and contact the rep, who will say, "But I DID do it!". ugh

Anyways, I get two bags of yarn of my choice from the company, who reps Noro and Debbie Bliss, in addition to Sublime. About that part, I am very pleased. I am a big Debbie Bliss fan. One bag to replace what I bought, and one for my trouble. Perfect. But... I don't get my sweater back. That part came as a surprise. Not that I love it or would wear it often, but still... I did make it, and who else would want it? Apparently, I'll have to comfort myself in my bags of new yarn. That might not be so tough....


Carol said...

Definitely push for money & yarn & compensation. I'm surprised they haven't given you SOMEthing by now. Maybe just tell them exactly what you what instead of leaving it up to them?

p.s. Hope the camera has fun in Dubai. At least you know that it's not off drinking somewhere!

Gayle said...

It is amazing how the timing of things can occur. You finish the Log Cabin blanket, and, lo and behold, you have 2 bags of yarn (is it all going to be Debbie Bliss?) to create new and wonderful projects.

sarah-hope said...

It strikes me as odd that they're keeping the sweater. What do you suppose they'll do with it? Are they afraid it will sully their reputations? Did someone in the mailroom have a mad longing for a sweater that would give them a "slightly distressed" look? Are they going to present it to the IRS to explain a write-off?

Thea said...

yeah, sarah-hope, Im with you. why do they want it? not so sure. but am afraid the fact i want it back weakens my arugment as the unhappy consumer, so.... Am actually thinking I might just knit it again! you don't have a blog, do you? you're my most loyal commenter (thanks, thanks, thanks) but i can't return the favor or see what you're up to. funny, the blogiverse.