Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I'm almost done. A little farther than when you saw this last time, but probably not so much as you'd have thought. We've had some home improvement going on around here and all the painting and spackling just doesn't leave knitting time like I'd prefer.

The paint thing has been fun though, and I am loving my brand new 6 foot long CLOSET. (for those of you who don't live in old victorian houses, this is a Big Deal for me.)

With all that new room, I can knit a whole batch of new sweaters.

So, this one is good. It fits great, feels nice. I like the 3/4 sleeves, and the length is a little longer so it covers the top of my jeans (enough said?) I need to do a little button hole embroidery to pretty things up and I also need to make a neckline decision. Soon.

Also ironically enough, I just bought what? 1,000 buttons? yeah. None of them work on this sweater - can you believe it!? Must also find 7 little gray buttons.

EDITED: I did find 7 white buttons.
They don't match, but are all the same size and look. What do you think???

For now, the circs I need to get going on the neckline are involved in another project, so we wait.

Here's the other project.

This overexposed shot is of the Diamond Vest - who knew the back had diamonds on it? No pics in the magazine showing the back, I had assumed it was plain. But no. The pattern is fun, it's going fast - and I'm getting a good feel for lace. No wonder you guys use those little markers everywhere! So helpful.

Anyways, that's it for now. No drink recipe today. We're out of tonic after a long weekend, and honestly, seltzer is NOT the same. I'm having a disappointing gin and lemon flavored seltzer with a splash of OJ. Skip it and open a beer.


Colleen said...

Mmmm. Such pretty, springy things.

Sarah-Hope said...

I'm with you on the tonic--no other mixer compares.

I embroidered a samplar once that had a series of mis-matched white buttons sewn to it--looked really cute, so I'd say to go with your idea. (Or, you could go with your idea, but go to a fabric store and get even more mis-matched buttons first, just to have a bigger selection. How's that for enabling?)

Thea F. said...

And so I'm reading my "June at the Knitting Room" e-newsletter and there's my name. Well, your name. Our name? Good to "see" you & Maya! Fun to read your blog.

The "other" Thea from AHNS.

Plum said...

Hi Thea -

Thanks for the perusing of my blog! I love the cocktail recipes - will definitely be mixing some up as the summer wears on. And I love all of your knitting, hopefully, someday I'll 'graduate' to adult size pieces!