Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I seem stuck in both strawberries and Josephine, don't I? Honestly, I still love both, but we're having quite the time slogging through them. I've been bringing Jo along, and honestly, she takes a little more thought than I can give her at our little beach, so we've had a few frogging issues. Luckily the pattern is one where you recognize your mistakes by the next row. Doesn't screw things up terribly, but not not helping with the speedy knitting either.
For now, she's off the beach rotation.
Above is my LAST strawberry cocktail for now (we used them up today!) A gin and tonic with strawberries instead of limes. Not bad. The strawberries smush up pretty good. Don't know if you can see here, but the liquid is kind of a light pink. Tasty.

And here's where else we've been that I have not been knitting enough. Out in the world.

Anyone recognize Maya's top? One of the original tanks from my huge stash of Debbie Bliss DK. I love that she's still wearing it!

I have big plans to finish the pattern part of Josephine tonight - as soon as I put the kids to bed. Since it's 9pm already, not looking so good.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

I got cocky and worked on Josephine at the Verill Farm Strawberry Festival yesterday. Frogging back today.
But those strawberries are Good.
Strawberry milkshake with rum, also good.

Friday, June 22, 2007

The back of Josephine is done and I am still loving her. I'm a little uneasy about the measurements, but have decided to trust the pattern instead of altering things - after all, I did go through the trouble with this one to buy the right yarn in the right gauge, didn't I?
Lucky for me, I had an appt with the Insurance Division of MA on Weds, so there were a few hours of steady knitting time. I was hoping the beach might also work, but Zoe's got other plans for me this summer. So, maybe one more week and Jo here will be ready to wear?

And this is where I am with all the buttons - after weeding out a big bunch for a friend who does button art. The baggies are the fancy buttons - metals, rhinestones, pearls. I tried to be brutal, since I only HAVE three tins - and one lifetime in which to use these up....

Ironically, my next sweater (sizzle) has no buttons.

but guess who bought some vintage ribbon on ebay last night?

uh oh.

Monday, June 18, 2007

is what I'm feeling for Josephine.
From the latest IK. I was going to do this in the Louisa Harding, but was so smitten with the pattern, I went over to Wild and Wooly, spent some cash, and got the perfect yarn. They didn't have the Karabella in the magazine, but this Rowan Glace is spot on for gauge and drape. And it comes in this gorgeous green color! I began on Friday and have been obsessed ever since. I love it. I love the pattern, I love the lace repeat, I and love the yarn.

And I love my husband, who watching me knit last night said, "what's that going to be again?" As if he didn't know, since he'd seen me with the magazine for almost three days straight. I told him and he pondered the seemingly new info for a minute and says, "Hey, I might just have something to match that." Goes upstairs and gives me a little box. We all know the little box.

SO many points.... I'm going to wear it all week while he's gone.

I'm also loving my vintage buttons, which have begun arriving in the mail. How fun is this? The three smaller packages have arrived. But the two Big Ones are still en route. Here's a sampling of a few faves. I've really been cut off - officially, but the abovementioned amazing husband, who manages to stay grounded in reality and off Ebay.

those red ones are sooo cool. The centers are subtle stripes of orange and reds. And the brown ones look like ornate chocolates. I have tons of rhinestones, lots of simple bakelites, a ton of abalones, and some funky black ones. I'm already planning.

And while I'm planning, here's the latest concoction Chez Us. Craig wanted premium rum for Father's Day - so we did a little rum and tonic side by side - the cheap stuff vs. the way not cheap stuff. Big difference. His bottle is aged 23 years in an oak barrel and made from the first press of the sugar cane. (Maybe picked and pressed barefoot by oompa loompas too, since it costs twice what the other one does)

Myer's has molasses instead of sugar cane and probably spends an hour in a tin drum before they bottle and ship it off. Verdict - the good stuff is way smoother.

And - I like rum and tonics. who knew?

Saturday, June 16, 2007

with a few sunny days, a sweater in the making, and a cocktail on the porch. The sweater is the Diamond Vest from Jo Sharp Summer, knit out of Debbie Bliss Merino DK in deep gorgeous purple - my fave. This shot shows the real color nicely. It also shows how badly we need to paint the front porch, but hey....

The drink above is Sparkling Limeade & Gin with sliced limes and juicy strawberries.

It was REALLY good.

The kids were happy in the yard, so I got a lot done. Enough to get blocking by the next day.

And seaming

and finished! I especially like the back, which was a surprise, since it's not pictured in the pattern book anywhere. Can't wait to wear this one, but it'll have to wait till Fall.

In other news, my vintage button addiction is in full swing. I have over 6 lbs of buttons in transit to me from spots around the country. Not exactly sure what I'll DO with over 6 lbs of buttons, but they're coming.... and they're so pretty.

no more Ebay for a while.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

So, I love my new cardigan ... I've worn it twice so far and am loving the feel of the Jo Sharp. What a silky soft cotton. I recommend it to anyone looking for a good summer yarn.
I also love that I made the sweater long enough so I can bend down in my jeans and not worry about the rear view --- now THAT's good design, yes?

But, in the meantime I've had a sock in the bag. Socks are the best for when you're out in the world and find you have a few minutes to kill - sadly, I began this one last October and it's been in the way way background since then. But as my two sweaters grew bigger and bigger, and my other socks were finished, the sock got another shot at life. Here's finished #1.

But, a problem - I'm running out of yarn for Sock #2 - ugh. You guys know the drill.

It's Regia - not sure the colorway but you can see it pretty clearly. Of course I have bunches of leftovers and can make the toes out of something else vaguely matchy, but am wondering if anyone has used this and has a little ball they don't want? I'd rather not buy a whole new skein and add it to my leftover pile ---

Anyone? Does it look familiar?? if not, get ready for these to reappear with red toes.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

All it took was the taunting of the red yarn and - ta da!
One finished cardigan:

I decided to go for a little different effect on the neckline and didn't extend it over the button band. For some reason I like it. I wanted a little of a vintage-y feminine look, and I think I managed to accomplish same here. The little vintage buttons helped.
(and i just won another batch on Ebay, so more are on their way!)

Am looking forward to going back "on the grid" and working from a pattern next time, but this was fun and I see I DO know enough to design something that actually fits and looks alright. This may be a better way to go - as opposed to my usual routine of trying to fit square yarn into a triangle pattern. Maybe next time I'll also go from scratch?

And ahem, please pardon the saggy chest - it had been a long day in a strapless bra, and I wasn't going back, even if it means bad blog pics. You girls understand..... :-)

Friday, June 08, 2007

Sitting out on the porch with my knitting - and, since it was way early in the day, my water. Think I'll be doing the same in 50 years? If so, i hope to upgrade the plastic chair to something nicer.....
it's been beautiful the past few days, and the girls have taken on the healthcare needs of some wounded moth, so outside we have remained. Good news for the diamond vest, which is too big for the road these days. Working on the front now, it's almost done.
On a whole new front (really new), I just couldn't leave this bag of lovely cotton at Wild and Wooly today. The Clearance Sale - I had to visit. And since Arwen, I have definitely had a soft spot for raspberry in my wardrobe. So, now I got me a big batch of L. Harding Nautical Cotton. I know nothing of the stuff, but I'm thinking summer tank. Any suggestions? It's 20 sts x20 rows on #7s. Not much elasticity, but a good heavy mercerized cotton. Hmmm.
Not only was the stuff on sale, but I had a $12 credit. Good Day. Made even better by the fact I ran into Alison and Wee One among the skeins and spend a little time chatting over a coffee. (Ah, the life of a stay at home mom.....)

And a promise to finish the light gray cardi before I begin anew. It's completely done (buttons and all) except for the neckline, which I have been doing and then frogging. I love the thing, but cannot decide how best to do it. Must make a decision soon. Ugh.
oh, and to those of you with leftover sock bits, thanks! I'd gladly take 'em and make some more baby hats and play with fair isle designs. fun fun fun.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Leftovers make a great little intarsia baby hat. There's a new baby in our family, and he lives in Chicago, so a warm hat will be key by fall. Made out of leftover Artyarns Supermerino, Colinette Jitterbug, and Interlacements Tiny Toes.

I just can't see letting all those soft and expensive tidbits go to waste.
And next to the hat modeling vase is a Plain Old Sock I've been working on too. Just a simple ribby one out of Regia, but a sock none the less.. One more sock yarn project in the works, this time it's going to be gloves --- I just can't see putting the gorgeous yarn under my boots this winter where no one can see it - --