Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I seem stuck in both strawberries and Josephine, don't I? Honestly, I still love both, but we're having quite the time slogging through them. I've been bringing Jo along, and honestly, she takes a little more thought than I can give her at our little beach, so we've had a few frogging issues. Luckily the pattern is one where you recognize your mistakes by the next row. Doesn't screw things up terribly, but not not helping with the speedy knitting either.
For now, she's off the beach rotation.
Above is my LAST strawberry cocktail for now (we used them up today!) A gin and tonic with strawberries instead of limes. Not bad. The strawberries smush up pretty good. Don't know if you can see here, but the liquid is kind of a light pink. Tasty.

And here's where else we've been that I have not been knitting enough. Out in the world.

Anyone recognize Maya's top? One of the original tanks from my huge stash of Debbie Bliss DK. I love that she's still wearing it!

I have big plans to finish the pattern part of Josephine tonight - as soon as I put the kids to bed. Since it's 9pm already, not looking so good.


Batty said...

I need to stop reading your blog, or I'll become a total strawberry lush! That drink looks so darn good.

Both of the knits you picked have quite a bit of detail. Maybe something simpler for brainless beach knitting? That way, you won't have to rip back even after a drink or two!

PlumStitches said...

great pictures of the girls. i really like Maya's tank top and the color of Josephine. i'd hate to see what Jo would look like after i'd had a few cocktails!

colleen said...

Great photos of those girls!

mf said...

Great photos!! Love strawberries...cocktails. hmmm YUmm!
I thought you were working on Josephine pattern on knitty! This looks great!

Sarah-Hope said...

Strawberry G&T--genius!