Monday, June 18, 2007

is what I'm feeling for Josephine.
From the latest IK. I was going to do this in the Louisa Harding, but was so smitten with the pattern, I went over to Wild and Wooly, spent some cash, and got the perfect yarn. They didn't have the Karabella in the magazine, but this Rowan Glace is spot on for gauge and drape. And it comes in this gorgeous green color! I began on Friday and have been obsessed ever since. I love it. I love the pattern, I love the lace repeat, I and love the yarn.

And I love my husband, who watching me knit last night said, "what's that going to be again?" As if he didn't know, since he'd seen me with the magazine for almost three days straight. I told him and he pondered the seemingly new info for a minute and says, "Hey, I might just have something to match that." Goes upstairs and gives me a little box. We all know the little box.

SO many points.... I'm going to wear it all week while he's gone.

I'm also loving my vintage buttons, which have begun arriving in the mail. How fun is this? The three smaller packages have arrived. But the two Big Ones are still en route. Here's a sampling of a few faves. I've really been cut off - officially, but the abovementioned amazing husband, who manages to stay grounded in reality and off Ebay.

those red ones are sooo cool. The centers are subtle stripes of orange and reds. And the brown ones look like ornate chocolates. I have tons of rhinestones, lots of simple bakelites, a ton of abalones, and some funky black ones. I'm already planning.

And while I'm planning, here's the latest concoction Chez Us. Craig wanted premium rum for Father's Day - so we did a little rum and tonic side by side - the cheap stuff vs. the way not cheap stuff. Big difference. His bottle is aged 23 years in an oak barrel and made from the first press of the sugar cane. (Maybe picked and pressed barefoot by oompa loompas too, since it costs twice what the other one does)

Myer's has molasses instead of sugar cane and probably spends an hour in a tin drum before they bottle and ship it off. Verdict - the good stuff is way smoother.

And - I like rum and tonics. who knew?


Batty said...

Excellent progress on Josephine, and what a thoughtful husband you have!

I'll keep the rum info in mind the next time I go booze shopping.

Nell said...

Gorgeous necklace! What a great guy.

Rum and tonic? Hmmm... I wouldn't have put that together. But now, I'm intrigued.

Carol said...

Wow! Gorgeous pattern and necklace!!

p.s. Myers is just fabulous but make sure to try Captain Morgan's too. Mix with ginger beer or lemonade for a 'Dark & Stormy'

Jofrog said...

Awe, what a sweetie Craig is... and I thought husbands never noticed the WIPs... I'll have to leave this post up on my computer for when MY husband comes home!

Knittypants said...

I like the green you are using for Josephine, I have some light blue vintage cotton I am planning to use one of these days. And the necklace is so sweet what a wonderful husband.

All those buttons must be so fun to get in the mail :-)

jessie said...

I love the little box! My husband is a pro at surprising me like that and it never gets old.

Josephine is beautiful.

gabriella said...

aww, that's so sweet - what a guy! also, my dad's most favorite drink is meyer's dark rum and oj. he probably knows there's better rum out there but this is the only kind he likes! sometimes i have one with him - they're pretty tasty. also, i missed a few posts back - i love love love that jo sharp vest! it's beautiful - wonderful job. :) see you sunday? my last knitsmiths!! ~gabriella