Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Maybe not, because it's an INVISIBILITY SHAWL....
I've been working on this a few days, but decided to wait till the big HP Release to blog about it. A great, easy to memorize lace pattern - in a size that's really wearable! I'm knitting with a special-dyed-for-me laceweight yarn from Dani of Sunshine Yarns. I love it.
For those of you who aren't Knitsmiths, our friend Alison has published a really fun book of Harry Potter themed knitting projects. Charmed Knits - hats, mittens, scarves, sweaters and other imaginitive stuff. And she'll be doing a special signing this weekend (7/15) at Webs in Northampton. Go!
Besides the Invisibility Shawl, I've been inspired by another friend - Carol, who's just knit a lovely Montego scarf out of some silky blue summer yarn. It reminded me that I have this stuff.... Tilli Thomas SeaSilk - am about to wind it and hit the pattern books!

And lastly, an ode to blocking - I spent about 5 minutes with an iron on these babies and they look amazingly better! Must manage to do that more often.

now they're off in the US mail, speeding their way to North Carolina.


Carol said...

The silk yarn will make a perfect Montego! Are you coming to Webs on Sunday??

Amber said...

The book came out really well, I'm glad to have been part of it! :)