Friday, July 13, 2007

They might not be pretty, but I love these because

A. I USED my really soft and gorgeous sock leftovers

B. I'll wear them under boots and no one will know they look funky.
C. they're finally done - and quite comfy.

Truth be known, the frankensock is my favorite. Much nicer than the other, since Artyarns, Interlacements and Jitterbug beat Regia in softness by a long shot. Many thanks to Amber for planting the phrase and/or idea in my head a while back.
And here's the other reason I love my frankensocks (below).
I can knit with one of these next.

We're off for a little vacation on the Cape, am thinking the blues (Sophie's Toes in Waterlily) are nice and beachy - and portable. So for anyone who's gotten used to my posting so often, you may see me heading back to my old ways for a bit. We will have the computer with us (since DH will need to check in with the office) but I'm hoping to ignore it for 7 whole days.

We'll see how that goes.


Octopus Knits said...

I love your frankensock! Very wise of you to make the top look "normal" while the foot has all the fun.

Batty said...

Frankensock is great! So colorful and different!

They have 2 or 3 yarn stores on the Cape. They're all fabulous. Have fun finding them!

Batty said...

Drive around the main street. There's one in Sandwich (I think it's called Ladybug or Ladybird, we drove past it, stopped in, and I bought yarn -- wish I'd kept the receipt because it has their name on it). We also drove past two other stores but didn't go in. Have fun looking!

Carol said...

Love it! I'm going to do that with some of my leftovers too.
Have a great vacation!