Sunday, July 22, 2007

Back from vacation, with some knitting done, but honestly, not so much.

I brought a small project in yarn I really love. Planned on a little time catching up on my reading, since I had just seen the new HP movie and was getting ready for book 7. And we had a whole bunch of these little gold cans to keep things fun.

I finished a sock as the days went on - mostly at night. And a little on the beach.

I was too easily sidetracked by stuff like this:

and new (beer fueled?) creative outlets like this:

I got through the re-read of Book 6, and we found Book 7 , which I just finished off. I won't ruin it for anyone by adding details, but it was GOOD. I finished it in less than 48 hrs, and didn't miss the socks one bit.

But i think they need me now. As do the 7 loads of laundry downstairs...


Batty said...

What a fun time! I love your kelp art, too bad it gets all nasty and smelly so quickly. Guess you can't take it home!

colleen said...

Seems like the socks have a bit of a HP theme going on, too.

staci said...

Sounds like you had a great time, very relaxing!!! Hasn't July/07 been a GREAT Harry Potter month?! I think socks and HP go very well together :)

Sarah-Hope said...

I really enjoyed the new HP as well. I'm now waiting for a friend to finish it so I have someone to talk about with it.

The beer doesn't seem to have hurt the sock knitting any :-)

PlumStitches said...

miller + knitting + HP = great day at the beach!