Monday, July 02, 2007

No finished Josephine. Been in Maine.

For those of you waiting to see it finished, you've got another day. She was too big to bring, and we had 5 kids between us, so there wasn't much chance for concentration.

Instead, I got out those back shelf socks again. I did run out of the Regia, so I'm going off the grid and making some Frankensocks (to quote fellow Knitsmith Amber) I did save a little of the original stuff, so I'll add it back a few inches before the toe - in the meantime, we're working through a little leftover Interlacements here on 95 in the passenger seat.

I did manage to work on Josephine last night after the unpacking and the laundry and the putting to sleeping. All that's left is the neckline finishing and an i-cord! By the way, she did seem huge while I was working on the panels, but seamed up, it's a fit. So hoping the same is true for you, Lisa B. Will see you guys next Sunday, i'm thinking.


lisa b said...

phew...can't wait to see it....