Thursday, August 30, 2007

No one was impressed by the flamingos?

Go figure.

Maybe you guys will like this better.

I'll call it Zoe's Button Hat.

Despite the pained smile she's offering, she does like it, and so do I.

For the grown up version, I'll go with bigger cables, not sure what kind yet. I'll also use flatter buttons, so you don't get the ear-antenna effect she's loving here, and I may make the button band wider as well. It's hard to see the band from the hat on her head, but it looks pretty cute in real life.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

These are my favorite stirrers. A friend of mine found them at a garage sale a few years ago for a buck or something. They're really old and made of glass. One of 'em seems to be losing his beak, but I'm thinking I can Sharpie it back on when it goes. Maybe?

So, above are some gin and tonics. Nothing funky added, but on the deck in the late afternoon sun, waiting for Craig, who'd just returned from a business trip. He'd gone upstairs to change when I took this or I'd have been mocked for again creating some crazy still life with yarn and booze to photograph. Why does no one understand?

but you guys do. And you'll also appreciate the little hat for Zoe, who's begun her yearly design process. This time it's a Blue Hat with Buttons. (lucky for me, she wants to use some buttons....) I got this new yarn I've been seeing, who's name I forget and tag I've lost, but you have probably seen it too. The company makes a baby llama and this lovely space dyed merino, all from Peru, i think -- which would make fabulous socks if only it was superwash! Nice deep colors, great soft spongy yarn.

As for a pattern, I'm using my favorite baby cable hat, but I'm about to embark on a new tangent. Something I saw in a Kohl's circular. Apparently Vera Wang is now doing designs for Kohls (???) and she's got this knitted cable hat with a button band across the middle of it. It looks almost cloche-like. Am thinking I can use the belt technique from Starsky, do a few inches, sew it on and add a button. Voila. A Vera Wang Original (OK, from Kohl's...)

I'll try one for me with bigger, real cables and a vintage button soon.
Stay tuned and we'll see if this works or sucks. Could go either way.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Two mirror shots - looks like Maya needs to do a little Windex on hers, yes?
I love it. It's the Divine Cardigan and it's from Ella Rae Book 7. In Louisa Harding Nautical Cotton, which was on gauge for the Ella Rae yarn it calls for. Now if only the sweat would stop dripping down my back from posing for this shot. It's dark, but you can see the fit. Yep, The Fit. For once, I subbed yarn and didn't get bit in the ass later for not swatching

Outside, the color isn't right, but you can see the whole sweater.

The neckline was a pain in the butt, but fully worth it. Pick up 137 sts, double them and do ribbing for 3 rows. ugh. But it works. The ruffle is pretty subtle, and it lays just right - woo hoo.

Just look at those cute little 50 yr old buttons. So glad I can find a use for some of 'em..

One last shot of the bobble-less front.

And now we're off to find some sand and water for the afternoon! I'm bringing cold beer.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Two of my favorite red things on one table.

The cardigan I'm slowly (oh so slowly) making my way through, and a bottle of Montepulciano Red. It's called Castello de Salle and it's pretty good for $10 a bottle. Usually I stay away from reds in summer, since they are way more cozy in winter, but it's been kinda cold here so the wine's been tasty.

Spare moments to knit and drink have been few and far between these past few weeks. Knife wounds, children, and Ravelry are all to blame. I finally have my finger back, so that'll speed things up a little.

Unfortunately, I can no longer commit crimes, since my prints will be immediately identifiable forever more. The new healed finger is kinda funky. It has a permanent finger yarmukle? yamaka? spelling Hebrew or Yiddish isn't easy, but you know what I mean.

So... besides red, there have been cocktails. And guests.

This cocktail, modeled by one of the lovely guests, Val, on our front porch, was a pear soda with some apple juice, strawberries, and gin added. Ignore the unfortunately placed sippy cup, maybe I should crop photos before I post? That would require learning a new thing, so maybe not.

Sorry Val - and Annie, too - no offense. (I hear Val's Mom reads the old blog sometimes!) I'm sure you'd enjoy a better pic of your son! And, thanks so much for the blueberries, which were amazing. Sometime I'll get up to Yarmouth and maybe meet you at your LYS - I hear it's got a real live fireplace! Not so desirable right now, but soon enough.

Another shot of a guest, this time with the sippy cup in its proper place, and with Maya looking pretty special. She's learned to cross her eyes - which has been a big milestone for her - and a bonus for me in ALL future photos, apparently.

Lastly, one more Ella Rae Cardigan shot, just so you know the knitting really is moving along. I did both fronts, and am currently about halfway up sleeve #1.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Just not blogging about it. The finger is healing up faster than I thought, but typing isn't so easy - you'll read the corrected version of this entry, but rest assured - 30 years of typing is pretty ingrained in your hands - they don't want to switch keys at this point in the game.
So, onto the projects -- Maya's added to her sewing accomplishments with the Puppy Pillow above. The same baby that got the little hat and Anouk was the reciepient for this guy. Maya picked the fabric and did all the sewing, and she was soooo proud to gift little Ailee her Puppy.
Ailee's grandma made sure she napped on it while the party was still going on.
Proud Maya got all the kudos she deserved from her aunts and uncles - I think she'll be sewing gifts again soon....
As for me,
I've been working away on the Ella Rae cardigan. I love how this yarn is working up - the Louisa Harding Nautical Cotton - It's so soft and has a little texture in it, so the sweater has an almost organic quality that works really well (or at least I think so...) with the pattern. This is a shot of one bobble-less front and most the back. I have a few sets of the vintage buttons on call for when she's done - just as the weather starts to turn.....

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

I managed to finish Anouk. Lucky for me, most thr knitting was done. Sewing is much easier. I CAN knit, but the weird angle I used on my left hand gave me finger cramps in my other fingers. A new thing for me...
So here she is. I have always wanted to make one of these, and I think it's adorable. Not being a stickler for details, I failed to realize it's actually open on the sides, and never gets seamed up. So I plan on buying the baby a matching onsie to give with the dress.

I used Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece, and it worked out fine. For buttons, I was hoping to raid the big vintage stash, but these were just too cute. I had bought them a while back from A Good Yarn in Brookline.

little pink frogs..
with that in the hopper (sorry, had to do it!), I'll see what I feel like next.
and thanks guys, for your comments on the boo boo!

Monday, August 06, 2007

I gave my husband a knife sharpener for his birthday. And now I'm typing with one hand.

Got no one to blame but myself. He's warned me thousands of times that he hates how I cut things. Really, he can't watch me. He used the sharpener on our Wustof knives yesterday - and I made salad today. Dummy.

Yep, now, I'm missing a bit 'o finger. The pad part. (CSI will always know it's me from now on...) It's slapped back in place, boo boo sprayed and bandaided up. I probably should have gone in for stitches, but if any of you have little kids, you'll know why I didn't bring mine to the ER for a few hours. As it was, they had plenty of helpful suggestions. My favorite was "tie it back on with string. " I may call the doc tomorrow.

But of course, what's my worst gripe? It's interfering with the knitting.
You understand.
I'm soooo close on Anouk, and i need to be done by Sat. I can still do it, but it's sooooo s-l-o-w. And OW when I touch something with it by mistake. crap crap crap. Why couldn't I have dropped the damn knife on a toe?
Anyways, there's little Anouk, one side done, one side almost there. She's shaking her head at me... "You Idiot". I can hear it from here. Or is that Craig, from the kitchen?
Either way, they're both right ...
Edited to add:
went to the doc. No stitches, but a fun tetanus booster. Am told the chunk will eventually fall off and my finger will just be a brand new and - individual to me - shape. Lovely. Most importantly, the day in the backyard - away from sand and questionable lake water- is looking good for Anouk! Almost up to seaming.

Friday, August 03, 2007

here's the beginning of the outfit coming for my new niece - coming to match, an Anouk, which I've always wanted to knit. My leftovers from the Log Cabin Blanket match this pretty amazingly well - so I'll be knitting from the stash AND being a fabulous aunt to new baby Ailee.
(who is a niece, not a mice, like Sarah Hope originally read - I did laugh, Sarah. I've had the baby mice, and amazingly, I was able to fight any urges to knit for them. Although, talk about instant gratification... what would I cast on? Like 5 stitches? Knit for 1 inch? Cast off. Oh it would be nice... to knit for mice... sorry. couldn't resist.)
I'm using the first of my VINTAGE RIBBON on this hat, which I just made up. Picot edge and some eyelets on a basic knot top hat out of stash Koigu. I'm pretty happy with it. See the Vintage Ribbon stash below. And be bitter, because I bought all of it for $5 on Ebay.
yep, $5.
But here's the real news of the day. Way too hot to go to the beach, so we stayed in and played with some birthday presents from last week. This was a little seamstress kit. And that would be, with the pincushion on her wrist, apparently, the Little Seamstress.
Show this kid some needles and yarn and she bails after ten minutes. With a ton of excuses - her finger has a cramp, the needle's a little cold, she has to pee, she just remembered her butt itches. But this? This went on for HOURS. The measuring, the sketching, the gluing and the SEWING. Actual SEWING. She let me show her how to use a needle and thread.
Amazing, i tell you. When you see a whole new side to your kid!
(you know, the side you've been looking for)

First, we did the pillows. One for her and I did one for Zoe.

And then, the Piece De Resistance, the DRESS.

Ignore the obvious nipple issues. When you're 8, these things don't dawn on you. She cut up an old pair of shorts to make it, based on one of her drawings. I think we have a whole new use for the Goodwill bag. My apologies to the needy humans, who've now lost out to an entire colony of naked barbies. And maybe one Ken, who'll probably get nothing.

Mama's proud. She's Crafty!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

I finished the summer socks I began on vacation. These are made out of Sophie's Toes sock yarn in Waterlily - and I do have a little extra to use in something fun.. The yarn is amazing. Soft and spongy and a gorgeous color. I wore them around yesterday night after weaving in, but since it's around 85 degrees, these babies are going in the drawer with the Frankensocks for a bit.

there's the obligatory on the foot shot - the Waterfall Rib pattern from Sensational Knitted Socks looks better when stretched out on some feet. I do love this pattern - I've made it before, in a pair of Jitterbug socks for my Mom (which I loved but never photographed). A 6 row repeat, in multiples of 6. Easy peasy for beach knitting.

And next, another small project to continue the beach knitting. I've got a new baby neice! We've we've just begun going to a new beach where the girls take a few lessons - and that leaves me with a little down time to get going. I have till 8/11, when I meet her!

I've seen some cute toys lately, but I'm leaning towards a garment. maybe a little dress.... We'll see.