Monday, August 06, 2007

I gave my husband a knife sharpener for his birthday. And now I'm typing with one hand.

Got no one to blame but myself. He's warned me thousands of times that he hates how I cut things. Really, he can't watch me. He used the sharpener on our Wustof knives yesterday - and I made salad today. Dummy.

Yep, now, I'm missing a bit 'o finger. The pad part. (CSI will always know it's me from now on...) It's slapped back in place, boo boo sprayed and bandaided up. I probably should have gone in for stitches, but if any of you have little kids, you'll know why I didn't bring mine to the ER for a few hours. As it was, they had plenty of helpful suggestions. My favorite was "tie it back on with string. " I may call the doc tomorrow.

But of course, what's my worst gripe? It's interfering with the knitting.
You understand.
I'm soooo close on Anouk, and i need to be done by Sat. I can still do it, but it's sooooo s-l-o-w. And OW when I touch something with it by mistake. crap crap crap. Why couldn't I have dropped the damn knife on a toe?
Anyways, there's little Anouk, one side done, one side almost there. She's shaking her head at me... "You Idiot". I can hear it from here. Or is that Craig, from the kitchen?
Either way, they're both right ...
Edited to add:
went to the doc. No stitches, but a fun tetanus booster. Am told the chunk will eventually fall off and my finger will just be a brand new and - individual to me - shape. Lovely. Most importantly, the day in the backyard - away from sand and questionable lake water- is looking good for Anouk! Almost up to seaming.


Carol said...

Oh Nooooooooo! I wouldn't try to reattach anything that was completely cut off and maaaybe see a doctor if the finger starts turning colors, etc. Best wishes for a speedy recovery!!!

p.s. Want to take a cooking course and learn how to cut things?

Amber said...

Holy crap lady! Brian has Wustof knives and yeah, they're SHARP! Take care and heal quick =)

Gayle said...

I did have the stitches. I was slicing a bagel with a newly sharpened knife and was amazed at how well it was cutting. I went to work with my finger wrapped up. As the bleeding had not stopped and I was convinced to go a walk-in clinic. It will heal quickly!

Octopus Knits said...

Ouch! Be careful with your precious knitting tools (your hands)!

Carol said...

Maybe it will leave you more time to surf Ravelry?? Only 500 people ahead of me now! Woohoo!

PlumStitches said...

ouch -i did something like that way back when in SF. the big problem was the threat of it getting infected. good luck. anouk looks great - love the colors!