Thursday, August 30, 2007

No one was impressed by the flamingos?

Go figure.

Maybe you guys will like this better.

I'll call it Zoe's Button Hat.

Despite the pained smile she's offering, she does like it, and so do I.

For the grown up version, I'll go with bigger cables, not sure what kind yet. I'll also use flatter buttons, so you don't get the ear-antenna effect she's loving here, and I may make the button band wider as well. It's hard to see the band from the hat on her head, but it looks pretty cute in real life.


PlumStitches said...

very sassy!

Melissa said...

So cute!

Octopus Knits said...

What a cute hat (and the flamingos were cute, too!)

shireen said...

i LOVE the flamingos! and i love the word "stirrer".

And the hat's cute too!

Gayle said...

I too like the flamingos! (Is there anything you haven't found at a garage/yard sale - other than your husband and kids?)
The hat is soooo cooool!
Good job Zoe on picking out those buttons!