Wednesday, August 29, 2007

These are my favorite stirrers. A friend of mine found them at a garage sale a few years ago for a buck or something. They're really old and made of glass. One of 'em seems to be losing his beak, but I'm thinking I can Sharpie it back on when it goes. Maybe?

So, above are some gin and tonics. Nothing funky added, but on the deck in the late afternoon sun, waiting for Craig, who'd just returned from a business trip. He'd gone upstairs to change when I took this or I'd have been mocked for again creating some crazy still life with yarn and booze to photograph. Why does no one understand?

but you guys do. And you'll also appreciate the little hat for Zoe, who's begun her yearly design process. This time it's a Blue Hat with Buttons. (lucky for me, she wants to use some buttons....) I got this new yarn I've been seeing, who's name I forget and tag I've lost, but you have probably seen it too. The company makes a baby llama and this lovely space dyed merino, all from Peru, i think -- which would make fabulous socks if only it was superwash! Nice deep colors, great soft spongy yarn.

As for a pattern, I'm using my favorite baby cable hat, but I'm about to embark on a new tangent. Something I saw in a Kohl's circular. Apparently Vera Wang is now doing designs for Kohls (???) and she's got this knitted cable hat with a button band across the middle of it. It looks almost cloche-like. Am thinking I can use the belt technique from Starsky, do a few inches, sew it on and add a button. Voila. A Vera Wang Original (OK, from Kohl's...)

I'll try one for me with bigger, real cables and a vintage button soon.
Stay tuned and we'll see if this works or sucks. Could go either way.


sarah-hope said...

Mmmmm... gin and tonic. My brother-in-law makes a great G&T. One of the high points of a stay with them is the night when we have drinks and green-olive/cream cheese spread on pita chips after the kids are in bed. Yum!