Wednesday, August 01, 2007

I finished the summer socks I began on vacation. These are made out of Sophie's Toes sock yarn in Waterlily - and I do have a little extra to use in something fun.. The yarn is amazing. Soft and spongy and a gorgeous color. I wore them around yesterday night after weaving in, but since it's around 85 degrees, these babies are going in the drawer with the Frankensocks for a bit.

there's the obligatory on the foot shot - the Waterfall Rib pattern from Sensational Knitted Socks looks better when stretched out on some feet. I do love this pattern - I've made it before, in a pair of Jitterbug socks for my Mom (which I loved but never photographed). A 6 row repeat, in multiples of 6. Easy peasy for beach knitting.

And next, another small project to continue the beach knitting. I've got a new baby neice! We've we've just begun going to a new beach where the girls take a few lessons - and that leaves me with a little down time to get going. I have till 8/11, when I meet her!

I've seen some cute toys lately, but I'm leaning towards a garment. maybe a little dress.... We'll see.


Batty said...

Very pretty and lacy!

Sarah-Hope said...

For some reason, the first time I read "I've got new baby mice," and I wandered off into a whole reverie on what one might knit for mice and isn't it nice that you're not freaking our about them. The I reread and realized it was "neice!"