Thursday, August 23, 2007

Two of my favorite red things on one table.

The cardigan I'm slowly (oh so slowly) making my way through, and a bottle of Montepulciano Red. It's called Castello de Salle and it's pretty good for $10 a bottle. Usually I stay away from reds in summer, since they are way more cozy in winter, but it's been kinda cold here so the wine's been tasty.

Spare moments to knit and drink have been few and far between these past few weeks. Knife wounds, children, and Ravelry are all to blame. I finally have my finger back, so that'll speed things up a little.

Unfortunately, I can no longer commit crimes, since my prints will be immediately identifiable forever more. The new healed finger is kinda funky. It has a permanent finger yarmukle? yamaka? spelling Hebrew or Yiddish isn't easy, but you know what I mean.

So... besides red, there have been cocktails. And guests.

This cocktail, modeled by one of the lovely guests, Val, on our front porch, was a pear soda with some apple juice, strawberries, and gin added. Ignore the unfortunately placed sippy cup, maybe I should crop photos before I post? That would require learning a new thing, so maybe not.

Sorry Val - and Annie, too - no offense. (I hear Val's Mom reads the old blog sometimes!) I'm sure you'd enjoy a better pic of your son! And, thanks so much for the blueberries, which were amazing. Sometime I'll get up to Yarmouth and maybe meet you at your LYS - I hear it's got a real live fireplace! Not so desirable right now, but soon enough.

Another shot of a guest, this time with the sippy cup in its proper place, and with Maya looking pretty special. She's learned to cross her eyes - which has been a big milestone for her - and a bonus for me in ALL future photos, apparently.

Lastly, one more Ella Rae Cardigan shot, just so you know the knitting really is moving along. I did both fronts, and am currently about halfway up sleeve #1.


Gayle said...

Love the color and the cardigan!Glad to hear the finger is healed.

PlumStitches said...

I had red wine (maybe too much) the other day when the weather changed. I was all set for fall. Like the color of the cardigan too...

Carol said...

Great post! First, I groaned at the title. Then I laughed my way through the rest of it. Cocktail sounds great. Where do you buy all these mixers? Pear soda??

Batty said...

Good to hear the finger is OK again. Personally, I can't do red wine. It gets me severely inebriated on half a glass. Wonder why that is.

grannyannie said...

Hi, Thea:
Glad you liked the Maine blueberries...did you put any in your babycocktails? Bartlett Winery, here in Maine, makes wicked good blueberry wine. Loved the picture of handsome Val, and that cutie Eli with his cutie cousins Maya and Zoe. Do, by all means, plan a trip to the Portland area where the 10th yarn store has just opened... Tess Designer Yarns with gorgeous hand -dyed stuff at reasonable prices. Check out her website at
By the way, Val made me an amazing Mojito which he shook up in a sippy cup for me. Works great when that's all you have to do the job. A new use for sippy cups!
Keep up the great blog.

Anonymous said...

Sadly no berries lasted long enough to make it into any drinks. Zoe would have singlehandedly eaten 'em all if we didn't stop her and make her share. And Alene few a threw into a yummy dessert afterwards. But, good idea on the sippy cup, must remember that for when I'm short a shaker, and will check out that website -- tks for the comment, and for reading!